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The biggest source of escort adverts in London (and UK in general) is on Adultwork and most reviews on UKPunting are about Adultwork girls.

Adultwork girls by nationality

Although WGs are individuals and each individual is different it is a general observation that girls of particular nationalities tend to be more reliable service providers than of others and therefore have a better reputation. On Adultwork there is no search option for country of origin so it is helpful to list girls by nationalities:

Adultwork outcall-only girls

On Adultwork there is no search option for outcall only girls here. It would be useful though to have such an option as for outcalls most often the best VFM girls are the “outcall-only” girls. That is because albeit a large proportion of all escorts offer both incalls and outcalls, their outcall rates are usually at least £40-£50 per hour higher than their incall rate because according to the prossie logic the outcall fee should not be just the incall rate + travel expenses, but instead it should also include what they would have earned through incalls during their travelling time. Furthermore the working hours are different as girls who are offering incalls tend to work between 12:00-20:00 whilst typically a punters are looking for outcalls in during the evening, the night and small morning hours -many outcall only girls do work during the night and some actually start working at 18:00.

Adultwork girls who are happy to meet non-Caucasian guys

Every so often on UKP many threads are started by non Caucasian punters to complain that "girls are racists" and are blanketing them and that it would be good to be able to search for girls who are happy to see them.

Adulwork recommended girls by price

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Adulwork girls by category



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