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Lizzy's was a long-running parlour. The owner, Lizzy was famous for her eccentric personality, but provided a good service. The parlour was a bit run down with dated decor and a bed that has seen more action than John Rambo and Clint Eastwood combined. The parlour mainly had more mature ladies than younger ones, but has had some gems over the years. It was re-branded as Dolly's in 2015, after being taken over by the owners of City Sauna.


The price seemed to vary, but £40 or less for 30 minutes was standard for basic service.

Location and Parking

Previously based at: 152 Infirmary Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 3DH
The location was reasonably discreet with no large signs to draw attention.


Lizzy's was a long running parlour, if you like mature ladies it was generally good. The cheap prices were the main draw.

Common Criticisms

  • No website was used.
  • Mainly mature ladies.
  • Usually only one woman on per day.
  • Dated decor.

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