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A couple of years back, Escort Nicole Nibbles wrote this guide in her blog.

You've decided to step into the world of punting and are a bit confused. It's understandable there is so much choice out there. Hopefully this guide will help you navigate successfully in this world, and you have some fabulous happy endings 😝

  • Research, research and research more. There are several forums available for your use. Escorting Hub and UKpunting are both great starting places. There's even a wiki page for escorts and agencies. Use these sites and others to help you make the correct choices.
  • Get to know the lingo. To you partying might mean going out on a Saturday night, in the escort world, the meaning is entirely different.
  • Many escorts use AdultWork to advertise on. There are lots of directories, however, use these with care as some have ripped profiles from elsewhere and often contain false information.
  • Read profiles. These usually give a bit of info about the escort.
  • Is the escort outcall or in-call. Another waste of both our times, contacting me wanting my address.
  • Read like lists. If I don't offer a service you are wasting both our times.
  • Check the donation amount. Each escort sets their own prices. Don't be that guy and try to haggle either for a reduced rate, or in exchange of goods.
  • Yeah great you're a photographer, website builder, got a room to rent etc. Good for you. You're telling me this because? If I wanted these I would source them myself. You giving me these doesn't pay my bills!
  • Questions are ok. Asking questions that are listed is not ok. It's a waste of both our time. Questions are to be expected, but keep them relevant to making a booking. You don't need to know how busy someone is.
  • Be clear in your communication. You know what time you are available for a booking. Ensure you do this through the escorts chosen methods, not what works for you.
  • Try and have the correct change, unless you want to tip your escort 😉 Not all of us carry change!
  • Don't be that fool who asks for bareback. For that you need a relationship. Ok there is PrEP available, but come on, this doesn't protect against other sexual diseases/infections. And I don't care that you passed a test that day, I don't know where you have been or what you have done since then.
  • Remember the escort is a person. Treat us with the respect that we deserve.
  • If you think the escort is being exploited in anyway, report your concerns.
  • It's legal what we do as long as we aren't pimped, working in a brothel etc. If it wasn't I'm sure Met police would have said something by now, considering I follow them on Twitter.
  • Nerves are fine. It's natural, a good escort will help alleviate your nerves.
  • Don't tell me about other escorts. It's not fair on them. I'm not going to change my working practices to do things others do.
  • Be careful about the information you share. Just like in all walks of life, there are those that will use the info against you. Think of a punter name, create an new email and social media account, consider getting a second phone. Of course, this is optional as many don't care who knows.
  • Remember it's just fantasy. If you feel yourself getting attached to the escort, it's time to move on.
  • And most of all have fun and be respectful.


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