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From time to time a new poster arrives to UKPunting stating that they are new to punting and requesting advice.

Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions by newbies. See also Glossary.


What about the Law?

In the United Kingdom it is legal for consenting adults to agree to a money-for-sex exchange. However, there are a number of related activities, including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel and pimping that are classified as illegal. Furthermore, in England, Wales and in Northern Ireland it is an offence to pay for sex with a prostitute who has been “subjected to force” and this is a strict liability offence (clients can be prosecuted even if they did not know the prostitute was forced).

Please notice also that although the age of consent for non-commercial sex is 16, it is illegal to buy sex from a person younger than 18.

As long as you visit an independent prostitute, aged 18 or over, you are not breaking the law.

Brothels: Any premises (e.g. flats, saunas, massage parlours) may be classified as a brothels if they are used by more than one man or woman for the purpose of prostitution, whether on the same day or on different days. So, if you see a prostitute, say on a Monday at a particular flat; and another prostitute the next day in the same flat then the premises will still count as a brothel, even though there is never more than one person working at any one time.

Where rooms or flats in a building are let separately to different individuals offering sexual services, the premises as a whole may still count as a brothel if the individuals are effectively working together. Evidence of shared keys, washing and toilet facilities, staircases, tenancy agreements, etc.may still be relevant.

A punter could only get prosecuted if it was proved that a prostitute in the brothel was being coerced and/or was underage. Aside from that visiting a brothel (even though they are illegal) is not an offence. It's the owner/madam/pimp and anyone that actively helps them run it that could be prosecuted for 'Causing or inciting prostitution for gain' and/or 'Controlling prostitution for gain'.

If you punt with a trafficked escort, you are breaking the law. If you are reasonably sure an escort is being trafficked (not just guessing), report it here: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/immigration/trafficking/report-human-trafficking/

In the unlikely scenario that the brothel gets raided by the police while you are visiting, you may be asked to give your details. You must do so as giving false details may land you in trouble.

What about Trafficking

If you suspect trafficking, it is your job to report it. You can do this anonymously. Do it right away.

Thread on trafficking

What about STI/STDs?

There is no short answer to this question. It is generally advised, however, to engage in safe sex by using condoms at all times; this includes oral sex. Condoms help protect you during oral sex in addition to vaginal or anal sex. "That said, condoms don’t offer 100% protection. For example, the herpes virus can be transmitted to your genitals even if you’re wearing a condom. Why? Herpes is spread through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. A partner with oral herpes can spread the virus to your genitals during oral sex if your partner’s mouth comes into contact with any area of your genitals that isn’t covered by a condom." [1]

Having said that, however, you will notice that a lot of punters opt to engage in OWO (oral sex without a condom) as it is their preference. Whilst engaging in OWO is a personal choice, it is worth noting that there is a small risk that STIs can be transmitted via unprotected oral sex. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether the risk involved in OWO merits the rewards you get from it. Thread

It is also recommended that you visit GUM clinics regularly; at least every three months. People who frequent sex workers are also advised to have a Hep-B vaccination. You can find your local GUM clinic with this helpful finder:

or for London

See also

What is an Incall/Outcall?

  • Incall - An incall appointment is where you visit the escort in her flat or sometimes a hotel, which she will have booked and paid for. These are usually slightly cheaper than outcall appointments as escorts do not have travel time and can therefore see more clients in a working day. They can also be more discreet as some agencies or escorts require additional security checks for outcall bookings.
  • Outcall - An outcall booking is where you ask an escort to visit you at your home or hotel room. They usually cost more than an Incall to allow for travel time and beyond a certain distance some escorts or agencies may charge travelling expenses on top. Sometimes they will ask for your real name as a security check as they will check on 192.com that you actually live there or with the hotel reception that you are a guest. For security reasons alone this makes them less popular unless you have confidence in the discretion of the agency or escort.

If you have never seen a prostitute before it is probably best you start by doing an incall.

I'm a virgin and I'm thinking about losing my virginity to a prostitute

In UKPunting forums there is usually a consensus that rather than looking for a punt you should look for the reasons why you have not yet lost your virginity. If you are chronically shy and are afraid of building relationships with women maybe you should try and overcome those issues first. Having said that, if you are really interested in losing your virginity to a prostitute then by all means do a bit of research on UKPunting forums and find an escort that you fancy.

As a virgin, you will probably feel very nervous the first time you have sex. That is completely understandable and plucking up the courage to try your first punt will be difficult. Be realistic and don't expect too much of yourself or the punt.

Make sure the escort you choose has good reviews on UKPunting, do try and ignore the feedback from AdultWork. Do not worry about your looks, body or the size of your cock. The prostitute's job is to have sex with strangers for money regardless of their looks, etc. They are also very used to all kinds of male personalities; from the alpha males to the chronically shy. They have seen it all so you will be OK. See Also:Should she be mature? Thread on the topic

I'm a virgin, disabled and would like to visit a prostitute

By all means read UKP forums and this wiki to get as much information as possible. If you still have some questions do post them on the forum.

You may also want to look at The TLC Trust; a UK organisation that seeks to connect people with disabilities to sex workers. Tuppy Owens, TLC Trust's founder and sex therapist, said that each of the 100 sex workers listed on the website could be seeing around eight disabled clients a month. [2]

The TLC Trust - http://www.tlc-trust.org.uk/

I am ugly/overweight/I have self confidence issues, will prostitutes refuse to see me?

There is a myth that goes about that prostitutes will only give a good service to good looking punters. Whilst that might be true with very few prostitutes the majority will not care what you look like. Prostitutes are selling a service not looking for dates with eligible men. Because of the nature of their job prostitutes will have seen a huge range of men; from the very ugly to the very good looking. As long as you are clean, polite, respectful and have the agreed amount of money it's highly unlikely she will refuse to see you.

If you have confidence issues about yourself, you can help by doing little things like having a shower before the punt, brush your teeth (halitosis is a huge turn off), do not go overboard with aftershave or antiperspirant, do not try to mask body odour with antiperspirants. Trim or shave your pubic hair. Most prostitutes prefer a clean and well maintained pubic area rather than a very bushy one, especially when offering OWO. Turning up clean and shaved also gives a reassurance to the prostitute that you do take care of yourself and, therefore, cleanliness is important to you.

If it helps you with your confidence, wear clean and smart clothes. Studies have shown that the clothes you wear can have an impact on how you feel about yourself.[3] [4]

If you are still anxious about your visit to a prostitute, call her and ask if she sees ugly/overweight men but only do this for your own peace of mind, normally you wouldn't need to do so.

Lastly this is from a prostitute's point of view:

"Speaking from the other side of the fence It does not matter if you are fat or skinny, short or tall, handsome or ugly as long as you are clean and smell fresh especially down there and your breath is fresh with no obvious signs of gum disease. If you are all of those you won't get turned away and if she makes it obvious straight away she isn't into you then keep your money and walk. If clean fresh and polite she should be making you feel like the most handsome man on the planet from the moment you walk in the door. No we can't fancy everyone but it should never be shown. We get paid a rather handsome amount to act as if you are the best looking man we have met and to treat you as such and any girl that doesn't is either in the wrong job or has seen you as a soft touch she can take the piss out of so its better for you to leave with your money in your pocket.
Don't think you have to book someone who you feel is in your league as you don't. Just book who you fancy. However unless she states she specialises in seeing inexperienced or nervous guys don't tell her it is your first time (unless recommended on here by known punters) as she could well take the piss. For your first time perhaps look on here in your area for a well reviewed girl so you are pretty well ensured a good time and can be honest about being a virgin. It's probably your safest bet." Dani

How do I get Started?

How do I find a girl on Adultwork?

  • Make a search on Adult Work, usually based on a UK post code. See here for more tips thread on searching
    • Note all 4 tabs (Profile, Interview, Rates & Availability, Proximity) work together.
    • Note that if an escort has not filled in a field (e.g. dress size), she may by excluded from a search, though she meets your requirements. Best to search a few different ways.
    • AW has both 'Bareback' and 'Unprotected sex' on the Preferences list. Best to exclude both.
    • Results are ordered as you specify in bottom right of 'Profile' tab.
    • Booking Availability (The line that says 'To view my availability for the next 14 days') is worthless, ignore. No one uses that feature.
  • Put the unique AW number into the UKP search box. See here. Read notes and reviews on UKP.
  • Then send her a note on AW to book. Or phone her if the number shows. Best not to make a booking until you hear back from a note or a phone call. Best not to text first either.

Agency vs Adultwork

Booking through an agency is a valid alternative to booking an independent girl through AW or Vivastreet. Many UKP members do this. There are advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on what part of the country you live in, e.g. in the North East, more UKP posters seem satisfied with agencies.


  • An agency generally costs more.
  • The agency takes a part of the fee. This varies greatly but some escorts on UKE have said 30% to 40% is typical. So even if the cost is the same, some punters don't like the escort not getting all the money. Others don't care.
  • It may be harder to discuss services with the escort in advance. Messages to the agency may not reach the escort.
  • It is hard to track the individual girls on UKP since the same girl will have different names with different agencies, and then the names are recycled.
  • Many agencies are terrible with photoshop and lying about ages and service.


  • Most agencies remove the totally awful escorts. So the chance of real disaster may be lower.
  • If there is a problem, some agencies will make it up to you in some way.
  • For a last minute punt, or a special service request, an agency may be best.

The consensus on UKP is that in the absence of reviews, agencies are safer. But the safest thing is to punt with girls with positive reviews on UKP. This is generally less expensive too. So following advice on here, AW girls should be better and cheaper.

Thread about agencies

How to ask for recommendations on UKP

Read some reviews before you ask for a recommendation, and provide detail. The more detail you give the better people can help you. One line posts asking recommendation will not get you very far on UKP. That is because:

  • Every review already posted on UKP is a recommendation. If you are too lazy to read, it seems fair that they are not inclined to help.
  • Other guys tastes (and restrictions) really are different to yours. Specify what you want.
  • Thus to get any new information, you need to be (1) specific on why the recent reviews were not enough and (2) very specific on what you want. Why believe the next poster if you ignore the 100 that already posted this month?
  • If you don't know what the last 25 reviews of your region said, you are certainly NOT ready to ask for a reco.

Before you start asking questions on UKPunting it is advisable to invest some time in reading through the forums relevant to your area, and this wiki. UKPunting is split into Discussion and Reviews boards by regions of the UK. Hopefully this wiki and the forums will contain most of the answers to your questions already. However if you have new, more specific questions, start a thread in the relevant REGIONAL section of UKPunting. In particular, if you are in an area with detail included here (London, SE, EMids, NE, Y+tH) be sure to look over the links and lists on this Wiki before you ask for new recommendations.

If you have your eye on any escorts in particular, post their AdultWork links as it will help other UKP members get an idea of the sort of women that interest you (after you have searched for comments about her on UKP). If you have never used AdultWork before, don't worry; there is a useful Guide to AdultWork thread on UKPunting. Despite its shortcomings, AdultWork is the best method for finding prostitutes.

If you have reviewed the information on this Wiki and that on the threads on UKP and are still not sure which escort to see and want to ask for a personal recommendation, the best thing to do is start a new thread in UKPunting asking for advice and listing your requirements:

  • Looks: what type of woman turns you on? (Words like 'hot' and 'sexy' don't help- you need to be specific - some guys really do fancy Dawn French.)
  • Services required: state what is essential for you (e.g. OWO, CIM, etc.)
  • Budget: state how much you can afford to pay and for how long (e.g. an hour, half an hour?)
  • Area: where are you based? How far are you prepared to travel?

How to book a prostitute

  • First of all get yourself a punting mobile phone. Don't be tempted to use your own or business phone.
  • If you decide to contact an escort via email use a dedicated punting email address and do not use your real name or a work email.
  • Before booking an escort always search on UKP for her unique AW profile number to see if she has been reviewed before.
  • Decide how long you want to spend with the escort and what services you are after.
  • Then contact the escort stating clearly when you want to see her and for how long. If she is very popular you may have to give her a number of dates and times to see if she is available when you are. Some very popular girls get booked up weeks in advance.
  • Once you have booked her; have a shower before you visit her and make sure you've got the right amount of cash with you.
  • If at all possible don't take your valuables with you. Leave them in your car or at home.
  • When you get to her place try not to look sneaky or nervous. Walk with confidence so as not to look suspicious. This especially applies if the escort is working from a hotel room.

How much should I expect to pay?

You will find that prostitutes’ charges are a perennial favourite topic in UKPunting forums, and understandably so.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to pricing. How prostitutes will set their prices will depend on many factors. The average rate in the area she operates, how much she thinks she can get until her prices become too expensive that she no longer gets bookings, how popular/unpopular she is, what is the competition charging. Ultimately she will decide what she wants to charge.

Depending on where in the UK you are located prices will vary from £60 an hour to £150/£200 or more. This is for ordinary prostitutes. Those who consider themselves Courtesans or "high class escorts" will charge a lot more as will the so called “porn stars”.

Prices will increase for those prostitutes working for agencies as the agencies will take their cut which will be added to the prices charged to the punters.

The range of prices in London is even greater. For example straight sex (with no extras) in a Soho Walk up will cost you £20, (please note Soho walk ups are not recommended for newbies) and if you go to upmarket areas or see independent prostitutes in Mayfair or agencies well the sky is the limit.

Parlours or strictly speaking brothels like House of Divine will have standard charges such as £70 for half an hour to £130 for an hour.

You will soon realise that in reality there is no such thing as a fair rate. It mostly depends on what rates punters are prepared to pay and how much prostitutes think they can get away with.

One fact that you must be aware though is that there often isn't any relationship between cost and quality. There are many documented escorts charging £80 an hour and giving excellent service while more expensive ones charging twice or three times more and offering a mediocre service.

Lastly be aware that quite a lot of prostitutes like to offer some services as an extra. For example OWO might be included in their hourly rate but CIM will cost you extra. The same goes for anal sex, very few prostitutes offer anal sex inclusive in their basic rate it often is offered as an extra.

Booking hotels for outcalls

The four budget hotel chains in UK are not particularly ‘escort friendly’ as most of their hotels need a card to access the lifts BUT they are extremely ‘pocket friendly’ especially on Fridays and Sundays (as most hotels) and especially if booked 2-3 weeks in advance - they cost only £30-£60 per night. If worried you can book using an anonymous pre-paid card although you can also book on ‘behalf of someone else’. Some very new hotels don't even have receptionists for traditional check in – you check in on a touchscreen computer by filling up your booking details and numbers or scanning a barcode. There may me a receptionist around similar to those at Tesco/ Asda / Sainsbury's that are around to help with the self-checkout.

You can also book hotels for daytime (typically 9/10am-5/6pm) usage only (just google ‘day time hotels <insert city e.g. London>’ and 2 certain sites will come up at the top). The good thing with daytime hotel reservations via these sites is that you don't need to book with a credit/debit card (in case you don't have an anonymous one and you don't want to leave trace). Just name, surname and email and then the reservation is sent to your email. Then you show the printed reservation at the reception (traditional one), sometimes you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire like address and name and *you pay in cash*. Another option as daytime hotels are the Hil**n hotels- you can book for daytime usage on their website by selecting to check-in and check-out on the same date. Threads on this topic Here Here

Shall I start with a massage and work up?

  • Rule one do what you want. There is no progression or 'right' path. If you want a massage with Happy Ending then do so. If you want sex with a 22yo size 8 girl, then book her. Everyone's likes and everyone's path is their own.
  • Equally, if you are not sure you want sex with an escort, then don't. It is an expensive hobby.

Other Basics

Punting is not Dating

Visiting prostitutes is not dating or a substitute for a romantic affair. It's cash for sex, an agreement and a business transaction between consenting adults. If after your visit you feel that the prostitute has given you a wonderful cloud 9 service that's because that is her job and she is good at it. You mustn't confuse it with friendship or love. Remember, if she is that good, after you left she will give the same amazing service to the next punter.

Always remember that prostitutes sell sex as way of earning a living not to find relationships.

Do I need to buy my own condoms?

No, you don't. Prostitutes will provide their own condoms. Most of them will probably refuse to use condoms supplied by clients in case they have been tampered with. It's a common concern for prostitutes that some clients deliberately prick the condom with needles or put on Vaseline so the latex will rip during sex effectively getting bareback sex by deceitful means.

You may need to bring your own condoms if you have a latex allergy or require a smaller or larger than average sized condoms. Whilst, some prostitutes may have a large range of condoms available, most will only have standard sized latex condoms available. If you need to bring your own condoms, bring a sealed box to avoid accusations of tampering.

Also when it comes to cock size... all men are not created equal. Here's a handy condom size chart if you are not of an average size.

Scams to be aware of

Although for the most part punting is a risk free business, there are some scammers who prey on unsuspecting punters. Here are some of the most common scams:

  • B&S (Bait & Switch): Basically you will have booked a prostitute based on the pictures on her profile/website but when you turn up a different person will meet you. Be prepared to walk. See Bait & Switch for more info.
  • Pay a deposit before the meeting: Never pay a prostitute in advance. See also: Money Transfer Scams.
  • Won't do services agreed: Clarify with the prostitute, both over the phone and in person, what services are included before handing over the money. It is quite common that some services are added as extras once they have got you in their bedrooms.
  • Webcam required before booking: A type of scam where the prostitute will ask you to webcam first before "allowing" you to book her. She has no intention of seeing you. Avoid.
  • Time wasting scammers: A prostitute will use a number of time wasting tactics to reduce the time you have during your booking to have sex with you. She might want to chat "to break the ice", or offer a massage before sex, etc. In the end you will end up with very little time to have sex and in extreme cases with no sex at all. See this thread for example of an time wasting scam. See also Prostitute Time Wasting Tactics

Basic Security

  • If you use Adultwork, make sure your profile does not have your real name. Link. If it does, change it now.
  • Also check your punting email. Even if the email address is random. a program may have added your name, if you use it from your main computer.
  • Do not sign up to any punting forum or site (including Vivastreet) with a work email address e.g. KeithRichards@rollingstonedguitarshop.com - this could lead to blackmail attempts if you happen to visit an unscrupulous escort.
  • Never ever mention a punt you are about to have on a forum. Nothing good can come from you announcement. And so many things can go wrong. (You being outed, her being outed etc). Reviews are about the past.
  • Don't link Adultwork with UK punting if you can avoid it.

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