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Long running and popular parlour. Due to the cheap prices and sleazy reputation, some describe it as a pump and dump parlour. This parlour is let-down by a lack of website. The quality of girls varies wildly. Fantasia has a large number of Eastern European girls working there and a high turn over rate. Girls seem to be early 20s to late 30s. But it isn't unheard of for them to have older and larger ladies.


Full sex seems to be available for as little as £25, but OWO and kissing will probably be be extra. At the VIP flat £45 seems to be the going rate for 30 minutes.

Location and Parking

728 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 3RQ
Above a shop on a busy main road, not very discreet at all. Limited parking might be available down one of the side streets. Fantasia have expanded and have a VIP flat offering one on one services with some of their more popular girls.


Fantasia is a long running parlour, but quality is inconsistent. This parlour can be considered to be mediocre.

Common Criticisms

  • Mainly Eastern European women.
  • Unadvertised prices for extras and often dependent on what the girl feels like charging rather than a fixed house rate.
  • No website.
  • High turnover of girls.
  • Large number of negative reviews in the past and often considered a "Pump and Dump" parlour.

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