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This is a guide to typical rebuttal responses to feedback left on Adultwork or UKPunting. It is worth noting that one punter's favourite escort could be another punter's worst. This guide aims to cut through the nonsense rebuttals and give the punter a chance to see through the lies. Let's not forget: there are two sides to every story.
The most common rebuttals are offensive remarks made about a punter's hygiene (BO, cheesy dick - hard to prove) often masked in innuendo or lies about the punter forcing bareback (this can damage a punter's feedback as some prossies won't see him as a result). All of these rebuttals are based on real ones I have read, but are re-worded.

The Rebuttals

Punter: "Cara Cumlips was disinterested, didn't offer OWO and DFK despite advertising it"
Prossie Response: "Mouth smell of shit and the rest you don't even want to know"
Reality: These are classic\cliched prossie rebuttals. It is implied the man had a cheesy knob, maybe even genital warts or similar without saying it. Notice how the prossie hasn't denied not offering these services. She was simply caught out so used Ad Hominem, she might not have fancied the customer, but shouldn't be mis-advertising services.

If the man did have genital warts or stunk he should have been offered a shower or refund and sent on his way, notice how she took his money, indicating to me she is dishonest.

Punter: "Cara was fatter than in the pictures, looked a lot older than her stated age of 25 (more like 40) and had a different hair colour"
Prossie Response: "The pictures are 100% me, I have put on some weight since, but other men like it. I've had no complaints."
Reality: The prossie used old pictures or possibly fake pictures as implied. There is no reason for the prossie to use old pictures, while some are busy it probably takes less than 30 minutes to get a new picture taken, using a phone camera. As for lying about her age, IMHO there is no excuse, just because everyone does it, doesn't make it right.

Punter: "A crap shag, Cara was very mechanical and kicked me out after 20 minutes."
Prossie Response: "Punt never happened"
Reality: A typical AW response. While a pimp or rival WG might use fake feedback to put people off seeing the competition, this is rare. The prossie wants to deny the punt took place rather than acknowledge her poor service.

Punter: "The worst on AW. Avoid."
Prossie Response: "This man is a serial stalker. I refused booking"
Reality: If, it is a stalker it is a police matter. Let's not deny stalkers exist, but it seems to me everyone with bad feedback has one. A typical Ad Hominem argument. If the punter has seen the girl multiple times and gave her a negative every time, Why is he bothering if she is that bad? In that case discount it as fake or a shit stirrer. AW girls can also block messages (and bookings) from members.

Punter: "Cara Cumlips was great, did everything on the tin and with enthusiasm, including OWOTC and rimming, quiet discreet house in Nuneaton"
Prossie Response: "These reports out me to my husband, kids and I have been threatened because of them. My kids are now in custody"
Reality: Maybe she didn't offer the services such as OWO to everyone and doesn't want other punters to find out. Maybe the husband twigged long before. But, I fail to see why it would be contentious or an issue, the only thing I could think of is if the prossie was planning on retiring. It is not the punter's responsibility for what goes on in a prossie's private life.

Punter: "Closed lips kissing, crap BJ tried mainly wanking me off, cowgirl and in doggy tried to make me cum as quick as possible"
Prossie Response: "This is untrue, since this report my phone has stopped ringing."
Reality: It's a case of who do you trust? A proper prossie rebuttal with the reasons why kissing wasn't offered, would be better. IMHO if the sex was that bad, I hope punters save their money and see someone else. As we all know one report is not enough to put a bad prossie "out of business".

Punter: "A cold experience, no English, rushed me out after 15 minutes, has a cum once policy, but said I could cum as many times as I liked on the profile"
Prossie Response: "Man was a boundary pusher. Tried to do things I don't offer. He was also abusive. I asked him to leave".
Reality: We know prossies deal with abusive punters and I think woman beaters and the like should just fuck off and die. Her response is hidden in innuendo, abusive could mean a number of things, at worst violent. Boundary pusher once again innuendo, the implication being he forced her to do something. Without clarification, the report is masked in innuendo by both parties, but if it was written by a trusted punter I would presume the punter was rushed out due to a double booking and a cum once policy (mis-advertised services). Maybe OWO was mis-advertised and the man asked for a refund. Once again, needs clarification.

Punter: "Looks 10/10, Personality 10/10, Service: 10/10, Location 10/10."
Reality: Write this off as an easily pleased fluffy. Obviously, looks and personality are subjective, but I've never met a prossie that is a 10/10 and nor will any girl with a tattoo score a 10 from me. Looks are obviously subjective. I see these punters as trying to score brownie points for a future booking. Some may disagree on this one.

Punter: "Saw Cara Cumlips yesterday, boy can she talk, she looked disgusted when I suggest we have sex, after an OK blowjob and a bit of doggy, I came. She offered a massage I accepted, it was OK. With 10 minutes left on the clock it was clear she wasn't going to do round two"
Prossie Response: "I thought that's what he wanted".
Reality: I have a theory many prossies use a check list or a sequence. This man should have been more communicative in what he wanted. I always check if I can cum more than once in an hour booking. The reality is this prossie had planned not to offer round 2 and offered an easier option in this case, massage instead to run the clock down. She was talking incessantly as implied, not necessarily to make him, be at ease or to be nice, but to run the clock down as the suggestion of sex was met with disgust. This is a disingenuous act, as the prossie was nice to him, not cold, offered the services listed and did them to an OK standard, but he didn't get value for money. It has happened to me in my early punting days and now it would be an automatic negative. While, the punter is not to blame, as she had no intention of offering a full on sexy session, he could have asked for sex earlier or not accepted an (OK) massage.

Punter: Poor service, looked much older than the pictures, no working shower.
Prossie Response: Lies. I've never seen him.
Punter 2: I've seen Cara too, doesn't offer OWO, closed lips kissing, flat was a mess, talked constantly about her boyfriend. A poor punt.
Prossie Response: More lies.
Reality: With two punters to back it up it is clear the prossie is offering bad service and fails to acknowledge it and worse still not improve from it. If punter 1 was the first time poster it could be questionable, if the feedback is from established, respected punters I usually side with them.

Punter: I tried to make a booking for Sunday night. She confirmed the booking in the morning. I drove 40 miles to get to there. I phoned her to get the house number and the phone was off. I got a text off Cara five minutes later saying she had an emergency. Serial timewaster. I won't bother again.
Prossie Response: My little babby was sick. No need to be rude. What so a booking is more important!? Wanker.
Reality: A total stone-cold classic. We all know emergencies do happen, as such it is hard to question. The response is designed to appeal to sympathy, I have seen Adultwork feedback with the same excuse twice in a month. The reality is the prossie may have received a better offer (longer booking, more money), might be disorganized or possibly it did happen the way the prossie said. Much like, bad service, cancelling or forgetting bookings is rarely a one off.

Punter: At £250 an hour this punt didn't offer VFM. Cara Cumlips seemed to be talking my time away, nothing she said was witty, as AW FB suggests. When I asked something interesting, she gave one word responses, obviously not interested in me. BJ was without, but average at best, no eye contact. During sex she stared at the wall and didn't look at me. I tried to kiss her and she turned away from me. Fake moans during doggy I could tell she was bored shitless. She stayed for the hour, non rushed, but it's clear she just wants the money without the effort. Avoid lads, unless you like crap sex.
Prossie Response: I have a string of sophisticated regulars. Maybe I wasn't for you. If you wanted a kiss you should have asked. I do provide a great service, look at my feedback over 200 positive. Looks like we didn't click.
Reality: Even at £50 this wouldn't be value for most people, but at the price he expected better. It is clear Cara Cumlips had no intention of offering a kiss or anything that could be considered a GFE. Feedback can be discarded as I have seen women with over 80 highly positive feedback comments and had a shit time, feedback on AW should be used as a guide not gospel, check for neutrals if there are any. Cara thought the service was good enough she stayed for the time, she talked a bit and appeared friendly, perhaps to some punters that is enough, but the sex was bad, she offered most things advertised, but didn't put in the effort - fake moans don't count. Cara failed to acknowledge her piss poor service and blamed the punter twice: Maybe I wasn't for you. suggests she didn't think he was attractive or good enough for her, We didn't click is the worst excuse for providing a shabby service, don't buy into it. Whilst the convo may not have been good why use it as an excuse not to kiss or be the proverbial sack o' tatties? Who cares if she has regulars, I have found that bad service is rarely a one-off.

Punter: Cara Cumlips put her prices up £20 for 30 mins. Obviously trying to cash in on the xmas rush.
Prossie Response: I'm fuming. I only put my prices up £5. Talk about Mr Cheapskate, my overheads have gone up recently so my prices reflect this. I can't believe someone who probably hasn't seen me chooses to slag me off. If you don't like it don't pay for it. I would never trust comments on a tinpot rude website anyway.
Reality: As you will notice Cara fails to admit she put her prices up £20 for 30 and only mentions the £5 increase for the hour, not 30 mins to make the punter appear petty. We all have overheads and I'm sure in 99% of cases they have increased recently and while I have no qualms about prossies increasing prices they should never be exempt from criticism. I'm sure many took a paycut or never had an increase this year, but most punters would not haggle prices because the price of petrol or rail travel went up. The prossie proceeds to slag off (oh the irony) the website, alluding that she is too good to be associated with it, the comment could have been a response to a good review or a potential future client, causing the Ratner effect for her "business". The prossie is entitled to vent, but should be aware that it probably reflects badly on her and as mentioned just because the punter is branded a "cheapskate" that doesn't mean he can't afford it.

Punter: Cara Cumplips ran off with my money. When I got outside a big burly cunt with a dog told me to do one.
Prossie Response: This man asked me for incest play involving his daughter. Sick bastard I told him I don't do that and he got violent.
Different Punter: Cara Cumlips and I got down to the business. She left the room to freshen up. There's a knock at the door and big ugly fat cunt with a dog asks if I am fucking his girlfriend.
Prossie Response: Man tried to force bareback on me and did some nasty things including calling me a fat slag and worse. I work on my own no idea where the man came from. He probably made it up because I wouldn't do his sick fantasies. Avoid girls.
Reality: Given that it's not a one-off it is clearly a scam. With the boyfriend/pimp in on it. I could be wrong, but I doubt a genuine punter would request incest play about his daughter; an obvious ploy to make the punter appear like a paedo. The forced bareback line is one of the oldest in her handbook and then some innuendo making it unclear what was said leaving the reader to think he is worse than he actually is. Prossies do get violent punters and those punters should be ashamed of themselves. This response is a shit-stirring attempt and the punters in question should go to the police and report the scam. It's theft and it's not fucking on.

Other General Insults

"If the man wanted to bang away for an hour like a rabbit he should have seen someone else".
Erm. It's a bit like saying if someone want their pipes unblocking, they should get a different plumber.

"How dare you review me! We're not pieces of meat, we are human not "prossies" and besides I have a string of regulars".
A typical response. Once again, doesn't deny a bad service or attempt to improve it. She just tries to play the victim card. Can be discarded IMHO.

"You little dicks can't afford me anyway"
Often posted when prices are criticised. Once again, a person can pay what they deem reasonable given the market values. And just because a punter chooses not to pay £400 an hour, it doesn't mean they can't afford it.

"My adultwork pictures are copyrighted. I'm seeking leagal action"
Note the deliberate spelling mistake. UKPunting only links pictures that are widely available. None are uploaded to directly the site. Maybe they should chase people that upload rips of their webcams.

"This review is vile. Remove it now."
No-one wants a banned review list. No-one wants to see they can't review Cara Cumlips and can only review one girl from LMP a month and can't review threesomes.

"I wouldn't trust a review posted on a Neanderthal site full of sexist pigs"
She obviously, took time to read it. Maybe she is more used to the fawning "too much of a gent to say" reports that offer no value to the punter and are pointless. A lot of prossies do take UKPunting seriously and a good review works wonders for their trade.

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