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This essay contains the advice or opinions of one or more UKPunting members. Essays are not UK Punting policies.

There are few specific rules about what to write to respond to a review. As with writing reviews, if you are new to UKP, it is probably helpful to read responses for some time before diving in to respond. That is because inappropriate and/or aggressive responses to other's reviews are a high cause for posters to be banned. But accurate reviews are perhaps the greatest strength of UKP and thus the greatest help to punters. It is important that all reviews (Positive, Neutral and Negative) are open to challenge and scrutiny.

So overall, write almost anything you want. Make a joke. Be a bit rude and crude. Post a silly picture. Share a similar experience. So why even have this essay? Simples ... a few poster do turn into White Knights or Injured Victims. Just don't let this be you.

General guidelines

What to say

  1. Thank the poster.
  2. Ask questions to clarify, such as price, services, looks and so on.
  3. Challenge any extreme fluffy comments.
  4. Provide extra information that you know, such as more about the location, duo partners and so on. Be careful to not report here-say from the escort herself as things you know first hand. Escorts do lie.
  5. it is OK to comment on anything you notice about the profile. Many profiles are silly and of course it is great fun to point these out.

What not to say

  1. Don't start lengthy discussions about other escorts. Try to keep on topic.


What if you don't agree or think the poster has an other agenda?

There are reviews posted on UKP which are not valid. The escort herself, or her pimp, or her friend may post a positive review that never happened. A competitive escort, an angry boyfriend, or a crazy punter may fabricate a negative. These need to be challenged. A first time poster can be particularly suspicious. While new reviewers need to be encouraged, this cannot be at the expense of accuracy.

For Negatives (or Neutrals) that you don't believe or agree with.

This is the source of the term white knight, that is, challenging negatives, particularly for an escort that you have positively reviewed. While false negatives do need to be challenged, this can be done without becoming a white knight. The key mindset to adopt is to be open to the possibility that the experience was accurate: either the escort was different for the meeting being reviewed, or the reviewer does not share your taste.

  1. Avoid calling the poster a liar, or challenging his motives (without strong evidence).
  2. Do ask neutral questions that may help show falsehood.
  3. Do not post the same idea multiple times. Your first response was read. Be cautious about repeated questions and comments. Let another member follow up.
  4. Don't be impatient for responses. There is no rush to prove a review false.
  5. Do not post your own +ve experience under a -ve review. If you want to post your +ve experience then write your own review, a proper one that is, not a white-knighting one that reads like a response countering the negative points raised in the negative review you wanted to respond in the first place. If you already wrote one in the past there is no need to repeat what you said there. And there is no need to link it either. Your review is automatically linked under the review and all punters can read it in case they want to read more reviews. A review thread is to discuss the poster's experience, not yours. An obvious exception to linking your +ve is where the previous reviews are not linked (reviews linked to older profiles of a WG or reviews about agency girls), or where the information is in a discussion thread.

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For Positives that you don't believe or agree with.

  1. Do ask neutral questions that may help show falsehood.
  2. Attack the words not the person. Better to say 'You write like a girl', than 'You are a lying prostitute'.
  3. If you think it was written by the escort or her pimp, try to say why you think this. Is it certain words, or something else? An opinion with a basis is stronger than an opinion.

What if your own review is challenged?

Particularly if this is your first review, it is not a nice feeling. They key is to stay calm, and remember that, simply, this is part of the site ethos.

  1. Do not attack the poster. Example2 This will make you seem guilty. They are attacking your words not you.
  2. Give a cheery response. A good response is 'fair comment' or 'good question'.

I am an escort and the review is about me and it is false

  1. What NOT to do. (1) Panic or overreact. (2) Respond in haste (3) Report it as fake and demand it be removed (This never works) (4) Ask a friendly punter friend to post for you (This never works either, and they will be banned for being a white knight).
  2. What NOT to do. Attack or criticise anyone. Not even the OP. Really don't bother.
  3. Consider strongly doing nothing. Even the best escorts have a negative or two. Doing nothing may be the best answer.
  4. If after all this, you still need to respond, make your comments upbeat and positive. 'I always try to provide a good service and I am sorry if any punter leaves unhappy.'

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