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This document contains the opinions of one or more Punting Wiki editors. This is not yet Punting Wiki policy.


  1. Anyone may edit this site, but you need to request a log in from Head1 on UKP. This site is owned by UKP is not part of UKP software wise. You can reuse your username.
  2. Your username should be 1) UKP Name 2) AW or other Escort Name 3) Agency name. That is because this is a partner web site. There is no reason to create a unique fake name.
  3. Then press 'edit'. if you want more help press 'help' to the left or press here
  4. This is a Wiki for Punters. All edits and content must respect this ethos.
  5. Pages should strive for Neutrality and Objectivity. Where a statement is an opinion of one or more authors, this must be clearly stated.
  6. An escort or agency owner may update a page, e.g. add a link to their latest review, if consistent with other guidelines.

Best practice

  1. Always add a summary to your edits. This will appear on the 'View history' and 'Recent changes' pages. (The box for summary will appear when you edit)
  2. Since this is a wiki, all edits may be reverted. So don't worry about trying something - you wont harm the wiki. As wikipedia says, Be bold.
  3. If your edit is reverted, wait at least 24 hours before re-reverting. 'Revert wars' will not be tolerated. Better yet reach agreement with the other editor.
  4. Include one or more Category at the bottom of a new page. Look at a similar page to determine the most helpful category.

What to do

If you want to improve this site, consider doing the following.

  1. Write a page based on a UKP thread. There are dozens of threads that can be turned into pages.
  2. Add categories to existing pages.
  3. Check links to AW and other external web sites.
  4. Weed and Feed any of the lists of current escorts. (Remove dead links, add escorts with 3+ positive reviews)
  5. Create a new list for a region that needs one.
  6. Start a new page based on your experience.


  1. As well as the help button to the side, many of the mark-up features of Wikipedia will function on this site, so consult Wikipedia for help and guidance as well.

Escort Lists and Tables

TL/DR: All you need to do is to copy and paste an existing entry and then just alter the name , AW number and UKP 4 digit profile number , plus price and location.


Among the more helpful pages on this site are the lists of escorts. While certainly not replacing other methods of searching, this can add value as it may draw attention to an overlooked well rated escort. As with other pages, all are welcome to edit.

  • It is not necessary to add poor performers or escorts with only one or two reviews. If a punter has noticed a girl on AW, it is still expected he will search for her history, so notice poor performance. These tables do not reduce this need at all. These are primarily to highlight good, banned or other notable escorts - not capture all escorts.
  • It is helpful to add escorts with several positive ratings.
  • Editors do try to get the detail right. But sometimes the number of reviews will be incorrect. It is expected the punter will check if this matters.
  • There is no harm showing an escort more than once. For example some escorts are on the London lists and also on WMids since they tour there often.

How to

See this page in Wikipedia also

  • The easiest way to edit a table is to copy the row above or below and paste.
  • A table starts with {| and ends with |}.
  • The first row uses !! instead of || to create the title row.
  • You will see the code ! data-sort-type='number' |Rating at the top of some columns. This tells the sort function that it is a number (so 2, 20 and 200 are not sorted all as 2)
  • Between each row is |- . So if you create a new row, copy (or add) this also.
  • So new rows in the text DO NOT mean new rows in the table. Only this character combination creates a new row in the table.
  • Each new cell is created by ||. If each cell is written on a new row then this only requires |
  • To do maths, the syntax is {{#expr: 7 + 7 }}. In fact, if you type that anywhere on this web site it will show as 14
  • UKP has created a special feature to count reviews. To count positives this is {{UKP:SP_1234_PositiveCount}} where the number 1234 is the UKP Service Provider ID (taken from her review summary page - just look at the URL in your browser).
  • If an escort has had 2 profiles, then the correct number of reviews is shown by using these two features together. Best practice is to add the number of reviews from an inactive profile to the special feature expression for the active profile, thus {{#expr: {{UKP:SP_1234_PositiveCount}} + 7}}}}
  • The other three UKP special features are {{UKP:SP_1234_ReviewCount}} {{UKP:SP_1234_NeutralCount}} and {{UKP:SP_1234_NegativeCount}} .
  • The source code for some tables has 5 rows for each escort (each cell is on its own row). While this looks more confusing, it is just as easy to edit. Go on give it a try.
  • The special features were created using the MediaWiki API, if anyone wants to add new things via API, then let Admin know.
  • For phone number the code is {{UKP:SP_1234_TelNo}}

Review Summary pages on UKP

Review summary pages on UK Punting are considered among the post helpful features. They link reviews of AdultWork escorts in any thread which mentions their number. These pages are used to get the count of reviews for the escort tables. There are three problems that can lead to inaccuracy.

  1. Escorts get new AW IDs and thus new UKP Service provider ID. To link these old reviews it takes manual intervention.
  2. Punters do not put the profile number in the review. This is solved by adding it in a response and/or indexing the page.
  3. Punters put multiple numbers in the review. This could be a roommate, a girl they thought of seeing but didn't, or the old code number. All these cases can lead to wrong indexing. A time it is right to include multiple numbers is where both girls were part of the punt, i.e. a MFF.
  • The current best way members can help is to put the right AW link at the top, and any other links at the bottom of the review. Also putting any other numbers in a reply to their own review also works.

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