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Punting in Hong Kong – A Beginners Guide

Hong Kong is a prime punting venue. Not only are there escorts, but great restaurants, bars, night markets and many sites worth seeing. Macau, a 45 min ferry away is also world class, so a combined trip is a possible bonus. All of the prices are listed in Hong Kong Dollars. $10 HKD= $1.00 UKP (roughly).

Like most of Asia, the cost is one pop. If you want to stay an hour with 2 pops, you will need to negotiate carefully, or just pay again.

The main options here:

  • Walk-ups – The core to punting in HK. These places are one-woman brothels that are legal. In a nutshell, a lady rents out a small studio apartment for a month and uses it as a place to live AND do business and in this case the business is fucking! Many are in well known buildings such as King Hing. They are more like German RLD than Soho walk ups. Also many have adverts on web sites. Some estimaes are that there are 5000+ escorts working in this way.
  • Part-time Freelancers – These ladies are typically Indonesian and Filipinos that are employed full-time as domestic helpers. They live with their employers and typically only have Sundays off, which they spend in Wan Chai (Hong Kong Island).
  • Full-time Freelancers – These ladies come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities depending on where in HK you’re looking. The Wan Chai bars have full time escorts as well as maids.
  • Escorts – There are standard incall and outcall escort agencies, back page and so on. These cost a bit more. Some of the escorts with adverts on the web sites are working from hotels. So clearly you need to book them to find the location. Their pimp or 'agent' will go by a two letter name such as XL or TR. Her profile may list her 'sisters' meaning other escorts from the same pimp. So clearly the phone number is for the pimp. Also called Honey Girls
  • Go-Go Bars – The Go-Gos are located in Wan Chai. These places either have Filipino or Thai ladies working in them. Outcall escorts or lap dance - watch for up-sell.
  • Massage Parlours or Spas – Self-explanatory, these places are everywhere (look for the picture of a foot). Will typically only have PRC ladies. Unlike Macau, these are really for a massage and then negotiating more (HE in almost all for sure).
  • Brothels – They are technically illegal. Some (depending on what Ethnicity is being offered…in this case Chinese) run out in the open. There are also brothels that have Thai ladies. Two notable brothels are K-Pressure and 37 Dundas, see below.

The ladies may advertise their services on, and The 161 site and sex141 are good for pictures of the building and the doorway. Also see sex141 for a local forum.

Punting in Hong Kong: Walk-ups

On the sites listed above, click on what part of Hong Kong you want to go. Profiles of the escorts will appear and you click on one you like. The profiles are quite detailed, especially on miss 148, and include what they will and what they won't do. They will have several pictures, including naked pics, their hours and simple directions on how to get there. There may be a picture of the doorway. HK is compact and there are a lot of buildings that look a like so how do you tell if it’s the right building? Well, most buildings will have a pink florescent light at the doorway. Once you find the building there may be dozens of others in the build too.

These walk-ups will all be on the same floor of the building, sometimes there’s only one floor and sometimes there are a few or a dozen. On these floors you see pink lights hanging on the walls so you know that you are in the right area. These floors aren’t spacious and the rooms are right next to one another so if there are other dudes looking, it can get a little cramped. The doors will typically have names and sometimes pictures. Oh and a sign saying if they are “busy” or not. You look for your ladies name, knock and she will open the door and invite you in and you’re off! The prices for walk ups depend on the lady and service(s) you want and all of that will be displayed on her profile page. Typically, the going rate is $400 for 30 min. If you don't want a particular lady, you can use these sites to find these buildings and favourite them on Google maps. Once you find the building, go up and just knock on a door and see what’s waiting behind it. Kind of like opening a present on Christmas. Perhaps not for the feint hearted. Frankly, the buildings are old, crusty and have an overall sleazy vibe to them and the occasion that you do cross paths with another punter on the prowl, it is kind of like peeing in a trough urinal. You get over that though, especially once you realise what a gold mine these places are.

Punting in Hong Kong – Best Locations

There are two areas of Hong Kong where most of the action is: Wan Chai (north of the island) and Kowloon. Wan Chai caters to white men and other foreigners, while Kowloon caters more to Hong Kong-Chinese, although foreigners are more than welcome. Kownloon has 3 areas (from south to north): Tsim Tsa Shui, Yau Ma Tei (including Temple Street), which is the region between the Jordan and Prince Edward MTR stations, and Mong Kok. All are easily accessible by public transportation and aren’t that far apart from one another. There’s no need to take a taxi.


Tsim Sha Tsui (pronounced, Chim-Sha-Chway)

There are two stations in the TST area. East Tsim Sha Thui and Tsim Sha Thui. They are very close to each other, but are different lines. On Nathan Road there is a building called Chungking Mansions that is rather infamous for it’s cheap hostels, Indian touts and Africans. At night you can find several African freelancers, the quality is hit or miss. The going rate for these girls is $300, but they will initially ask for a lot more.

There are also a number of ladies in the area offering massages, all are Chinese. Some look good, and some are very old. Some report that extra services are available. There are a few walk-ups in the area as well, said to be similar to the ones between Jordan and Prince Edward. Finally, there are a good number of restaurants and regular pubs in the TTS area: almost all of the staff will be Filipino so communication is not a problem. Most of the bars add on a %10 service charge to your bill. Places like Hair of the Dog and Fatt’s Place are noted. If you want solid Mexican food Tequila Jack’s is good too.

Notable Walk-up tower

  • James S. Lee Mansion, 33 - 35 Carnarvon Rd
  • Champagne Court in TST: not as many girls, they are clustered in the top 4 floors. Was disappointed in the selection. I've only seen Chinese and Thai, and they are asking $600. Court. Clustered in the top 4 floors. Chinese and Thai, they are asking $600.

James S. Lee Mansion layout and operation

There are 6 or 7 floors and multiple corridors per floor with each corridor having as many as 6 rooms. The corridors are the hallways of the original multi-room flats. Some of the corridors still have a functioning door onto the main walkway, usually left open, but on most it has been removed. The individual room numbers are the original flat number plus an A, B, C, D suffix etc denoting the room.

If exploring then a proven approach is to take the lift to the top floor and walk down. Many rooms will be occupied by punters and there will be "please wait" notices on the closed doors. Some doors will show nationality, rates and services available. The girls have monitors to the cameras on their corridor and can see punters exploring. If they are free and open their doors to you (some will be open anyway) then if you like the look you can go right in to take a good look and to discuss what's on offer.

Notable bars to pick up escorts.

  • Hari's bar, (Holiday inn golden mile, 50 Nathan rd 1st fl)
  • Two to investigate:
    • Rocco's
    • China Bar at Knutsford Court

Yau Ma Tei (pronounced Yow-Ma-Tay)

The area of Yau Ma Tei spans from Prince Edward MTR (North) and Tsim Tsa Shui (South). This whole area is infested with sex and you may want to walk the whole area. You will see plenty of freelancers standing around. The knock of the freelancers is that all of them are PRCs, so have poor English. Along with the freelancers there are several spa/massage type places. Full service is on the menu and the prices are in the $500-1000 range. The most famous place 37 Dundas Street. Price reported was roughly $500. The women may be a little on the old side. The best thing about Yau Ma Tei is that this is the area where you will find most of the walk up buildings. Most of the walk-ups in Yau Ma Tei are conveniently located next to a MTR station so getting there is not a problem. The best way to do the walk-ups is to use one of the websites mentioned above. The other options in Yau Ma Tei are the brothels. The signs on these brothels will say different prices and they will also have a menu that lists what kind of women they have and how much they cost. Ignore them. The going rate for sex action is $390 and you will only be able to get PRCs. Typically they will present 3 or 4 of them for you to choose. To find, just look for a sign that looks like pink bar and walk right in. The area in which most of these brothels are located are on Portland Street and Shanghai Street with a few scattered further out.

This area is great for shopping, eating out and even drinking. The restaurants and bars in this area cater to Hong Kong Chinese, but they will have menus in English AND you don’t have to worry about tipping. You will probably be the only foreigner in a lot of them, but that is fine.

  • K Pressure, 129-123 Woosung Street, Jordan (a walk in brothel of sorts)

Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei

Temple Street is a night market that is just North of the Jordan MTR station and West of Nathan Road, so is in Yau Ma Tei. On both sides of the street there will be vendor stalls on both sides selling all kinds of shit. All of the fun lurks on the sidewalks behind these stalls. You will see many PRC freelancers in this area just standing around. These women typically do not speak English and many won’t even acknowledge a foreigner. Some of the women you see in this area are very good looking so you may be tempted to approach them. They charge the HK-Chinese men around $200, westerners may be quoted more. May not have a room.

So you’re a Cheap Charlie you say? Well, Temple Street is your playground! Aside from the PRC freelancers you will see ANCIENT Chinese ladies sitting on stools next to doorways that lead to stairs that look like those in a horror movie. These lovely old ladies are running brothels. These brothels have Thai ladies and are damn cheap with a going rate of only $150-160. Most of these brothels have at least 3 women, sometimes as many as 5 or 6. These old ladies won’t solicit you, because these brothels are illegal, but will be more than happy to take you upstairs if you ask them, “have lady?” It all looks a lot shadier than it really is. There really isn’t much else going on along Temple Street aside from a couple Crab restaurants. The night market itself, along with the proper stores, does have some good deals on electronics. So it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to do to some shopping.

Mong Kok

The King Hing Building is a noted walk up. Argyle Street and Fa Yuen Street.

  • King Hing, 97 Fa Yuen St. It has 14 floors, 4 to 10 girls per floor. Chinese, Thai and many Russian are usually to be found. Price wise $400 for Chinese/Thai, and $600 for Russian.
  • Prince Edward, 2fl 3rd fl, 35 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok
  • 37 Dundas Street, 1st Fl & 2nd Fl, Mong Kok, A sauna brothel sort of place, but walk in.
  • 311 Portland Street, a brothel

Main Island Wan Chai

Wan Chai is located on Hong Kong Island, which is quite easy to get to by the underground. On Hong Kong Island you have what is considered to be the city centre, Central. West of that is what a lot of people call “old Hong Kong” in Kennedy Town. To the East of Central is an area called Wan Chai, which is were the red light district is located.

Lan Kwai Fong is a nightlife area that is located in Central. This is the place to go if you don’t want to deal with hookers. There are several bars all clustered in this area so it’s very easy to walk from one to the other. On weekend nights, Lan Kwai Fong transforms into a block party. The streets are filled with people drinking on the street and there are a couple nearby 7/11s fully stocked with booze. This is a much cheaper route to go if you choose to party in LKF on the weekend and there are PLENTY of girls (mostly HK-Chinese and White) drinking there too. LKF is easy to find and get to, you just take the MTR and get off at Central and take exit C. Signs will point you in right direction from there….or simply ask someone. Sign up for Hong Kong Cupid to meet some local cuties.

Now, onto the madness that takes place on Lockhart Road. You get to the red light area by taking the MTR to Wan Chai and take exit C (Lockhart Road). The Wan Chai nightlife area takes place on two main streets; Lockhart Road where a majority of the action is and Jaffe Road.

Go-Go Bars in Wan Chai

Also called curtain bars. Places to pick up professional outcall escorts. There are 10 to 12 go-go bars along Lockhart Road and the cross streets (Fenwich, Luard) and the ladies working there are either from Thailand or The Philippines. They have dancing girls on stage, and girls will give you a private dance (and sometimes a blowjob) for a lady-drink. Dragon on Fenwich street has good reviews. Others are Club Bunny, Cavalier and San Francisco.

The beer for you will be Ok priced, about $25, but hers will cost about $242 + 10%. You will most likely be the only punter there so they may be aggressive about you buying a lady drink for someone. If you want to take a lady from the bar, the all-in cost (bar fine plus her time) should be about $1,500 +10%. Some have reported to get a girl for $1200. As one punter said, 'Nothing wrong with curtain bars except for the high price and constant up sale. Best looking girls around'.

Freelancer Pick-up Bars in Wan Chai

Places to pick up amateur or semi-pro outcall escorts. Or hang out and dance with girls. Many punters enjoy this, not a rip off if you are wise. Most of the ladies in these discos are independent Filipino or Indonesian. These clubs do have a lady drink policy. These places will be full of dozens of western men over 40, and dozens of Asian girls under 35. The good thing is that there is no bar fine. These girls do get a commission from the bar for lady drinks, but their involvement with the bar ends there. They are free to come and go from disco to disco. The price these ladies charge varies, but $1,000 is typically the minimum. You may get an overnight for $2000 or $3000. Some are truly amateur - they expect you to buy them a few drinks and flirt and dance before you invite them back to your hotel. Not for when in a rush.

Some report the music is better in these bars than others ... since the clientele is guys over 40. Hong Kong Cafe has live music, often with an all girl rock-chick band.

Sometimes you will see a sign that says $500 cover charge. This cover charge is used with discretion. White guys don’t have to worry about it, if you’re black, Indian, Middle-Eastern, etc., they MAY ask you to pay or insist on you buying a drink. Policy does change from club to club.

Hooker Bars Wan Chai - Big

  • Hong Cong Cafe (98 Jaffe Rd), Live music
  • Neptune 3 (Lockhart Rd)
  • New Makati (Lockhart Rd)
  • Escape (64 Jaffe Rd), Live Music and DJ

Hooker Bars Wan Chai - Small

  • Amazonia (15 - 19 Luard Rd,), Live music
  • Taboo, (Luard Rd, across from Amazonia)
  • Joe Bananas (82 Jaffe Rd)
  • Players (93 -107 Lockhart Rd). Particularly good on a Sunday. See their gallery
  • Bar 109 (109 Lockhart Rd)
  • Spin Bar (104 Jaffe Rd)

Walk-ups in Wan Chai

The Fuji building is located on Lockhart Road, less than a mile east of the red light area. The 22 story Fuji Building is 18 floors of whores, with between five and eight of them on each floor. So there are over 100 whores in one building. Prices start at $500 and it’s the same deal as the walk-ups you’ll find in Kowloon.

  • Fuji Building, 381-383 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay.
  • Phoenix Apartment, 54 - 70 Lee Garden Rd., Causeway Bay
  • Coronet Court, North Point, 321 Kings Road. All on one floor.
  • Kam Bong (14-16 Wing Kut St) and Hing Loong (6A Wing Lok St) near each other in Sheung Wan (a bit west of Wan Chai)
  • Hop Yee building, 3rd to 12th floor, 474 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay.

Massage Parloirs in Wan Chai

You will find massage parlours all over Wan Chai, the ethnicity varies, but a majority of them will be PRC, even if it says, “Thai Massage”. Most offer an actual massage, but for sure, HE too.

  • Kama Spa, 50 Wyndham Street. Well known Massage place with good service. (Central so West on Wan Chai on the Island)

Sunday FUNday

Many of the Filapino and Indonesian ladies in Hong Kong are legally employed as domestic helpers and Sunday is typically their (only) day off. So many spend their day going to Wan Chai to find a Western boyfriend or customer? Sunday really is a FUNday in Wan Chai. Most of the bars on Lockhart Road are open, some even transform themselves into discos, to accommodate the madness. A majority of the ladies you come across on Sunday are not hardened and bring a great vibe to the bars. Most ARE looking for boyfriends, but are realistic enough to know that finding a customer is more realistic. Prices really do vary, since the girls are part time escorts. $1,000 is the typical starting price and you are likely to receive the GFE. Sunday FUNday in Wan Chai is a must, even if you don’t get a girl. You need to take them to your hotel or book a one hour place.

Other tips

  • A local sim with data and minutes is cheap. 'Agents' (Pimps - for hotel in-calls) respect you more - some cannot see your UK number.
  • is somewhat like UKP - and so useful. User credibility is based on ratings. Very few touts exist.
  • Walk ups - some Asian girls fear foreigners, so get used to "No!"
  • Consider learning how to say hello, please, & thank you in Cantonese and Mandarin. Bow head when greeting Asian girls, and perhaps they will see you are not a British barbarian.
  • Ask price outside door for walk ups as once you step in girls can charge 200-hk dollars.
  • HK dollars are valid in Macau, but Macau dollars are not valid in HK.

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