How to ask for advice on UKpunting

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To get the best results when asking for advice on which service provider to see, it is preferable to help yourself. UKPunting forums are regularly visited by people who have contributed very little, but expect a lot in return. By helping yourself when seeking guidance you will get a far more favourable response. Search exactly what you are looking for on Adultwork. Look at age/nationality/services, use the postcode tool to check within a certain distance of where you are or are happy to travel to and from. Filter the results and choose your favourite two or three. Then check if those girls have been reviewed on and read the reviews. If after all this you are unsure, then ask about the specific providers you have decided on

Examples of bad ways to ask for help

1) I am in London next week and want to see an English girl who does anal, any advice?

2) Any black girls worth seeing in Bristol?

3) Working in Manchester soon want a GFE, with a brunette, who is the best?

Examples of a better way to ask for help that will give you the best chance of getting some feedback

1) I am in London next week, I have looked up these two girls www.adultwork/1234 and www.adultwork/6789. I have checked the reviews here and there is no mention of anal, can anyone confirm if either of these provide this service as they both have it on their likes list.

2) I have looked up this ebony girl in Bristol, www.adultwork/2345. There is no intell here, has anyone seen her, and could let me know what her service level is like?

3) Can anyone give advice on either of these girls www.adultwork/3456 or www.adultwork/4567, particularly with regards to a GFE experience.

By doing some legwork yourself, you will stand the best chance of getting advice from fellow punters who have a wealth of experience.