List of London Type C agencies

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These agencies are those outcall agencies that only have 5-10 genuine escort profiles, but advertise 30 or more different profiles. Obviously these extra 20-25 profiles are fake (they can be spotted through GRIS=Google Reverse Image Search) and of course if you request a girl of a fake profile it will result in Bait & Switch. However if you book a girl of a real profile most chances are that you will indeed get the real girl.
  1. Playful escorts (many fakes):
  2. 24carat-escorts (many fakes): (affiliated with Playful escorts)
  3. Vogue escorts (few fakes):
  4. Diamond escorts (few fakes):
  5. Sure Delights (few fakes):
  6. Simply Gorgeous Escorts (few fakes):
  7. Wonderland escorts (many fakes – only 20% of the profiles are genuine):
  8. VLondon:
  9. Flowers from Cleopatra: (one review -rev)
  10. JFM London Escorts Agency: (mostly fake)
  11. J London Escorts: (some pics stolen from type A agencies)
  12. Karma London Escorts:

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