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Below is a list of UKP reviews submitted about type A agency girls who don't advertise as independents. When the agency name is mentioned in brackets it is because the girl is exclusive to the agency.

Escort Name(s) Rating Author Date Posted Review Link Comments
Abby/Abby Positive Puntsmith 21/12/2014
Adina Neutral Setodger 08/06/2014 obsolete profile
Adrienne/Arina Neutral Jason 17/11/2014
Agata Negative Greg1 30/10/2015
Alex (Maxes Angels) Positive hendrix 29/06/2014
Amelia (Maxes Angels) Positive SuitedandBooted 11/09/2015
Amina Positive sbly 15/07/2014
Andy/Andrea Negative nervyfooker 25/09/2015
Annalisa/Analise/ Anelise Neutral tigerfeet 01/08/2015
Annalisa/Analise/ Anelise Negative nervyfooker 16/08/2015
Annalisa/Analise/ Anelise Neutral Dreyfus 19/10/2014
Annalisa/Analise/ Anelise Negative Jaayban 28/12/2015
Angelina Neutral Dreyfus 25/10/2014
Ava Positive gumption 22/11/2015
Aviv/Aviv/Kitty Positive Jason 25/03/2015
Becky Negative stich 04/11/2015
Belle (Maxes Angels) Positive Cabbots 10/07/2014
Blair (Maxes Angels) Positive Cabbots 10/07/2014
Bunny Negative tomato sauce and waffles 25/01/2015
Cameron Positive bigfeka 31/08/2015
Candy Negative LondonMan 27/09/2015
Cleo/Debbie/Melisandra Positive Jason 03/04/2016
Chantelle (Maxes Angels) Negative oohahhcantona 01/09/2015
Charlotte Negative ArtVandalay 09/11/2015
Chelsea Negative nervyfooker 20/10/2015
Chelsea Neutral thekman100 15/10/2015
Cherry/Nicole Positive barry 01/10/2014
Christy/Christy Positive Trafalgar Law 06/02/2015
Christy/Christy Positive nervyfooker 25/02/2015
Corny Negative Oggytoo 26/09/2013 obsolete profile
Delisha/Delisha Positive PeterTheGreek 22/06/2015
Diana/Anda Positive ClubbingDJ 09/09/2015
Diana/Anda Positive GlebeCap 26/08/2015
Dionne/Dionne Positive Puntsmith 15/10/2014
Dollie/Dollie/Adrianna Positive west8 23/03/2015
Eda/Magda/Eda Positive Jason 20/10/2014
Eda/Magda/Eda Positive Jay72 28/06/2015
Electra/Electra/Electra Positive Xarxes 21/06/2014
Emma/Emma Positive Dreyfus 13/07/2015
Emily (Maxes Angels) Positive d00fer 11/11/2014
Emma Positive puntico 25/02/2015
Elise (Maxes Angels) Positive billlybob 05/12/2013
Gabriella (Maxes Angels) Positive hendrix 14/11/2013
Gabriella (Maxes Angels) Positive mutant 25/07/2014
Gabriella (Maxes Angels) Positive New2this27 21/03/2014
Gia/Angelique/Kelly Positive Sunil_N 11/03/2015
Gia/Angelique/Kelly Neutral ArtVandalay 08/04/2015
Gia/Angelique/Kelly Positive Dreyfus 27/09/2015
Grace Neutral Trafalgar Law 19/09/2014
Guadalupe Positive ArtVandalay 04/01/2016
Hannah/Hannah/ Hannah Positive mradventure 02/09/2014
Hannah/Hannah/ Hannah Neutral goodboy13 25/02/2015
Holly Positive Trafalgar Law 23/02/2015
Ingrid Negative kewin123 16/12/2015
Inna Neutral tomato sauce and waffles 31/12/2014
Inna Neutral Andrew23 26/02/2015
Ivette/Inna/Karina Negative agcnospam 24/01/2015
Jackie (Maxes Angels) Negative nforbes 15/09/2014
Jolene Negative MrRiz 21/11/2015
Kassey (Maxes Angels) Negative Greg1 03/10/2015
Katrina (00-44 escorts) Positive Cabbots 11/07/2014
Katya Positive Puntsmith 26/09/2014
Kristin Negative Londonpunter30 14/09/2014
Laura/Linda/Lorney Positive Jason 06/02/2015
Laura/Linda/Lorney Positive red_zed 06/06/2015
Lena Positive John Doe 85 13/10/2015
Leona/Leona/Leona Neutral Jason 15/04/2015
Lexy/Lexi/Angel/Angel Positive Jason 11/04/2014
Lexy/Lexi/Angel/Angel Positive Malvolio 12/09/2014
Lexy/Lexi/Angel/Angel Neutral Lazzarus78 12/07/2014
Lexy/Lexi/Angel/Angel Negative mradventure 13/09/2014
Lilly Positive mysteryman30 14/05/2013
Lilly Positive j4247 22/11/2015
Lisa/Beatrice Negative Jolie 20/06/2013
Lisa/Beatrice Positive agcnospam 16/11/2014
Lucia/Lucia Positive robbie54321 20/10/2015
Lucinda Positive barry 07/08/2014
Merlot Neutral tomato sauce and waffles 17/01/2015
Mimi Neutral j4247 07/02/2015
Miriam Neutral Distraction 27/09/2015
Molly (Maxes Angels) Positive Makka124 03/02/2015
Natalia/Nata/Estella Positive Jason 19/04/2015
Nicky/Nikki Positive tomato sauce and waffles 25/01/2015
Nicole Negative jstrongerrrrr 22/10/2015
Oxana Negative Inbetweener 25/08/2015
Patsy Positive DazzieD 08/04/2015
Pipa /Olivia Negative northlondonlad 03/07/2014 used to be on Adultwork as indie
Pipa/Olivia Negative Urban_G 06/07/2014 used to be on Adultwork as indie
Poppy (Maxes Angels) Positive d00fer 27/08/2014
Poppy/Anelise/Anays Positive Jason 02/02/2015
Poppy/Anelise/Anays Neutral Jay72 19/02/2015
Rainbow Neutral 1728 07/09/2015
Raisa(aka Raissa888) Positive panel999 18/08/2013 used to be on Adultwork as indie
Raisa Love/Raisa Positive NIK 13/10/2013
Raisa Love/Raisa Negative nervyfooker 24/02/2014
Raisa Love/Raisa Negative J4SON 23/02/2015
Raisha/Marlene/Anita Positive tomato sauce and waffles 19/12/2014
Raisha/Marlene/Anita Positive Sentinal 12/10/2015
Raisha/Marlene/Anita Positive gumption 14/01/2016
Rio Lee (Maxes Angels) Positive hendrix 29/06/2014
Rio Lee (Maxes Angels) Positive Jerboa 31/07/2015
Romana Negative alessiobou 25/12/2015
Sabina/ Sandra Positive dawsonuk 29/05/2013
Sasha (Maxes Angels) Positive Eiltedongster 27/11/2015
Sasha/Leana Negative Jason 17/04/2015 misleading pics, frequently appears on Adultwork as indie
Simone Positive Erik Lanshof 20/08/2014
Sophie Lovelight Positive NIK 29/10/2010
Scarlet (Maxes Angels) Negative bigsammy 27/09/2014
Shakira/Misha Negative tigerfeet 19/10/2015
Stacy Neutral Trafalgar Law 21/03/2015
Stefania/Karina/Evelyn Negative Jason 14/04/2015 misleading pics
Tessy Positive slow and low 16/11/2015
Tiana/Cleopatra/Tiana/Paulina Positive shagbambi 08/07/2015
Violetta Positive sir_david 08/11/2013
Yasmina (Maxes Angels) Positive Kassanova 10/11/2015

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