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Many money transfer scams exist here are some of the more common ones used. For a guide to Bait & Switch scams click here.

Transfer a Deposit Before a Booking

You may see this on some escort profiles, both on personal websites and directories (such as AdultWork). The punter may be required to leave a booking fee of say, £50 to confirm the booking (a bit like with a hotel deposit). The escort may list reasons such as: constant Timewasters or not trusting punters with no feedback. In my opinion this takes advantage of a new punter's naivety or lack of escort experience.

Payment Method

  • Western Union - A Western Union money transfer is hard to track as the money could be paid into a foreign bank account.
  • Adultwork Credits - I doubt you will get a refund from Adultwork if you have been scammed.
  • Bank Transfer - With this method the prostitute may acquire your personal details, but you have a fair chance the bank will drag her through the courts as it is fraud.
  • PayPal - Not that widely used, but PayPal can be pretty good at refunding if a complaint is filed, but it is quite time consuming.

Is it Worth the Risk?
Avoid advanced payment(s). It is unnecessary. Although some punters have paid a deposit to some girls and report having a good time, but I would not take the risk.

Exchange of Goods for Sex

You occasionally see an audacious rinsing scam. I have seen one where you could buy an escort a Range Rover in exchange for a year's worth of bookings.

Payment Method
It's unknown how the paperwork for a vehicle would be arranged, surely you don't just turn up with the vehicle.

Is it Worth the Risk?
Given the cost of a new Range Rover Sport is around £61,250+, I say no. Even if you had sex every week you still wouldn't recoup the cost. I can imagine after a few bookings the punter-prossie relationship could turn sour or the sex would become less exciting or worse still she blocks you from calling. These women are Rinsers, ignore them and their gold-digging mentality. A fool and his money are easily parted.

Block Booking

Block booking is simply paying in advance for multiple sessions with an escort, over a period of time, such as a month's worth of booking at a discount rate. While this often isn't offered it has been known to be available for regulars.

Payment Method
Presumably a large payment in cash at a 121 meeting.

Is it Worth the Risk?
Possibly if you enjoy the company. The pitfalls are you may only be able to see that person a few times if you are working and as a result you may not get your moneys worth. With multiple bookings the sex and the excitement could wear off. I would recommend booking individual sessions for a time that is convenient to you and maybe an overnighter or long session if you really enjoy your time with that person.

Webcam and Maybe an Escort Booking

This is quite common on Adultwork. A Webcam girl, also advertises escort services, but she only escorts if you make a webcam booking first. She gives out the details (i.e. phone number) or accepts a booking request over a Webcam viewing.

Payment Method
Adultwork credits. If it is a Non-Adultwork website, Bitcoin or that site's currency.

Is it Worth the Risk?
Probably not, unless you are planning on camming her anyway. If the punter is interested in a face-to-face meeting for sex only, there is no reason for him to view a cam. Camming can be quite expensive 1 or 2 credits per minute, it could cost as much as a 30 minute booking for the number and she may not give it out if she does not like your looks or if she is simply stringing the man along. So, an escort booking is not guaranteed and if it is, it effectively costs you more than most escorts anyway. There's also a good chance she never escorts. I feel the punter should never have to jump through hoops.

Lending Money

You turn up for a booking with a regular and she asks to borrow some money because her gas will get turned off or her rent's due. It's only a small amount (£20) on top of her hourly rate and she really likes you.
She has built up a rapport with the punter and he might be guilt tripped into giving her the money, after all he wouldn't want to see her struggle or the service might be poorer next time he sees her, or he might get blocked.

Payment Method
Cash only given directly to the escort.

Is it Worth the Risk?
Definitely not, but it is a matter of opinion. I think the prostitute is taking advantage of a nice guy or a rich guy. If the punter has known the girl for years and considers her a friend, I think in that situation giving her the money would be fine. In my opinion in normal circumstances prostitutes earn considerable more money than most people per hour and this is just greedy. A prostitute's personal problems should never be a punter's concern and of course, she could be lying.

Paying For Travel

On a prossie's personal page or Adultwork profile the punter is asked to pay an advanced fee to cover travel to an outcall.
Another scenario is if the outcall booking takes place in the punter's house he's asked to give the prostitute her fee in full, so that she can pay the driver. She asks the punter to wait, as she will only be gone a minute. She then leaves in the car, without returning.

Payment Method

  • Adultwork credits for an advance booking.
  • Cash if in person.

Is it Worth the Risk?
In the case of the advanced payment; I would recommend paying the full fee to the prostitute in person. The worst case scenario is you pay a deposit and she never turns up. A better option could be to see her for an incall.
In scenario two, where she does a "runner" with your money. It is likely the driver is in on it; possibly a boyfriend, female friend or pimp. A solution might be to offer to pay the full fee after the booking is over, to pay the driver yourself or to cancel the booking.
Prostitutes have been known to pay the driver and return, but it is ultimately down to the punter if he feels it is worth the risk.

The "Expensive" Handbag scam

Very similar scenario to the paying for travel scam. The prostitute leaves the room to pay the driver. If in a hotel she might say she needs to check something with reception. The punter thinks it is OK, as she has left behind an expensive Mulberry handbag, which is worth more than the cost of the punt.

Upon closer inspection the handbag turns out to be a Taiwanese fake worth only a few pounds. In the bag there is nothing or possibly items of no value such as: tissues, wet wipes or a broken mobile phone.

This is a scam plain and simple. You can always offer to go with her to reception or offer to pay the driver yourself or just ask for a refund.

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