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This is a list of escorts to avoid, with consistent negative reviews. As always it is up to the punter to make an informed decison and Your Mileage May Vary. It's split into to categories: Negative Reviews covers girls with mainly negative reviews and traits that make them not worth seeing (e.g. drug addict, thief, abusive etc) and Neutral which consists of some negative traits, but may have positive reviews.

Negative Reviews

Name Alternative Names Negative Points Comments
AMELIA - K (Hull) Amelia_K, Amelia, Amelia K, Kirsty Marie, BABY_ K, AMELIA-K-NEW, AMELIA MERCEDES, Armarni Leigh, Honey, Betty Hot Boom
  • Known thief - robbed one punter on a car meet, did a runner with money to another.
Adultwork profile removed at present.
Brooke Booth (Sheffield) Dakota Lane, Aurelia Brooks
  • Known thief - The old boyfriend turns up scam.
  • Boyfriend made abusive threats about using a knife and getting the boys round.
bigtittyslut (Leeds) saucy slut luvz cock
  • Known for providing a poor service
  • No OWO but advertises it
Adultwork profile set to distribute content only
Blowjob Babe (Barnsley) Laura
  • Offers a poor, rushed service
  • Abusive in person and on the internet
  • A boyfriend may turn up and make violent threats
  • Uses old pictures of herself
  • Uses fake pictures of a webcam model (not her)
Elizabeth91 (York) Lizzy 4u24, Sexy Elizabeth4U, Elizabeth, Elezabeth, Jessica, Jessica of York, Emily Anne Akers (real name).
  • Known drug addict
  • Criminal convictions for violence and blackmail
  • Boyfriend threatened punters with a golf club and a pitbull terrier
  • Threats of violence made against punters
  • Theft of money
Avoid at all costs.
Jenna-foxx (Chesterfield) Jenna Foxx, smooth_as_silk, Smooth As Silk, sexyjenna40, secretary_4_u.
  • Large number of negative reviews
  • Rushed service
  • Rude attitude and false allegations made against punters regarding hygiene
  • A long running rumour is that she is an alleged post-op transexual
Too many negatives to be excluded.
RACHAEL IN ROTHERHAM (Rotherham) sexy-ass-chloe, Nikki, Ashley, Natasha, Abigail-Louise, Natalie, Sheffield Babe, Sexi-Kelly, Eye-Candy, stunning nikki, Nicki, Nicki in South Yorkshire, Sexxi Ella, KELLYANNE IN S61, KIMBERLEY@KIMMY, Nita X.
  • Frequent name changes
  • Hidden feedback
  • Lies about age knocking as much as 10 years off
  • Poor, rushed service
  • Unadvertised extras
  • Fake pictures in private gallery used in the past
  • Large number of negative reviews
Tiffany Of York (Touring) CHLOE B.J-QUEEN, TIFF BANG-HARD, TIFFANY (PLAYMATE), TIFFANY MINX, Tifanny, Lady Kristina Coxxx, Christina Brooks, Tiff Smith, Luxurious Tiff, EXOTIC TIFF, CHRISTINA COX, CHRISTINA JORDAN, CHRISTINA PLAYMATE, CHLOE DELICIOUS, CHLOE NO-LIMITS, Stacey Stace, CHLOE BEND'OVA, Ruby of York, Ruby of Blackpool, RUBY AND SKYLA, HIGH END HONEY, Honey & Sexy Skylar.
  • Frequent name changes
  • Poor service often just a BJ only
  • Rough location
  • Threats of violence and outing
  • Locked a punter in a room
  • She mis-advertises anal sex and doesn't offer it to anyone.
Profile removed at present. One positive review on UKPunting, but too many negatives overall.
XBelle of Doncasterx (Doncaster) xBBW Bellex, BJ Queen, BJ_Babe_ybls, BJ Babe ybls.
  • Openly offers bareback and creampie.
  • Possible drug addict
  • Rough location
  • Poor service
  • Ex-Street walker
Profile removed at present.

Neutral Reviews

Carla-36GG (Dewsbury) Lady Carla, Carla 36GG, Carla Of Scarborough.
  • On blacklist for benefit fraud
Positive reviews, but on blacklist.
Tally X Melissa Blake69, Sweet Samantha, Samantha, Bella, Vikki, Sexy Sammi, charlotte mafia, Sweet charlotte rose, Tally X
  • Known scammer
  • Gives a sob story to borrow money which is never paid back.
Your mileage may vary with this one.
SexySciFiGirl (Leeds) Geek Girl, SarahStar, Sarah, Sarah Starr, Sexysciencestudent (Hull), Abbey (Hull)
  • Negative attitude towards punters
  • Rushed service
  • Mis-advertises anal (very rarely offered)
  • Writes insulting blogs about punters
  • Knocks 5 or more years off her actual age
Some positive comments on her Adultwork feedback, but too many negative complaints to not be included on here.
SweetAsCandii (Leeds) Candii, Candice, ExoticRuby, Exotic Ruby, Ruby.
  • On blacklist for threatening to out a punter.
Positive reviews across the board, worth seeing. Only included as she is on the blacklist.
  • Barebacker
  • Very unreliable
Very unreliable and ignores booking, but might be worth seeing.
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