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Polish Girls in London

General Observations about Polish escorts

Polish working girls are generally having a good reputation. Below are some general observations:

  1. Generally genuine pics and infrequent bait and switch. However completely unverified profiles of Polish girls (i.e. profiles without even a hidden verification picture) are almost always either completely fake or bait and switch. Anyway in the above list you have plenty of choice of genuine girls.
  2. Facially cute to pretty with the occasional beautiful.
  3. Body-wise fairly slim (size 8 to ‘11’) although the majority do not have toned/fit bodies and many do not have flat tummies (rare to find size 6-‘7’ Poles)
  4. Functional to excellent service usually including FK of some form varying from lip locking to light FK to proper FK to deep FK (nonetheless only 2% of Poles do not kiss at all or offer only travesty pecks on the lip)
  5. OKish premises for the purpose.
  6. Fairly reliable comms although many times fairly difficult to book
  7. Conversational English or better, with most girls.
  8. Priced between £80-£140ph with mode range being £100-£120ph
  9. Most profiles do not show face pics or at least not clear face shots (although some WGs show their face in the PG).
  10. Decent punts overall although in 90% of the cases nothing mind-blowing either in service or physical appearance or both. Punting Polish girls feels in most cases like buying a Volkswagen or Honda. Good VFM but not a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

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