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Defunct parlour as of Spring 2016. Shared some of its ladies with City Sauna. It offered a glory hole service which is a fairly uncommon facility for a parlour. The prices seemed reasonable and were on par with other parlours in the area. The location was said to be very indiscreet, given it was near a post sorting office and some other businesses.


  • 15 minutes - £25
  • 30 Minutes - £45
  • 45 minutes - £65
  • 1 Hour - £90

Glory Hole

  • 10 Minutes - £25.00 (OW)
  • 10 Minutes - £35.00 (OWO)

Sauna Use Only (No sexual contact)

  • 30 Minutes - £15
  • 1 Hour - £25

Some girls may charge extra (£15) for GFE to top up their wages, this is unadvertised on the website.

Location and Parking

7 High House Terrace, Just Off Penistone Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 2HX
It was based in a mini-industrial estate, near a post sorting office, so they were used to seeing men emptying their sacks. There was also a window manufacturer near-by, very indiscreet. The area looks a bit run down, like most of Hillsborough.


Based on past reviews it could be considered to be OK.

Common Criticisms

  • Indiscreet location.
  • Girls may try to top up their wages with unadvertised extras.
  • Door fee after 7pm.
  • No Rota listed on the website.

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