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List of South American and Spanish girls in London

General observations about South American and Spanish escorts

  1. South American escorts in London are mainly Brazilians. To a much lesser extent there are also girls from Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela. Some of them found some distant relationship with Spain or Portugal to get a Spanish or Portuguese passport. There ARE some genuine Spanish girls around as well but very few.
  2. The presence of Brazilian escorts in London is quite strong - they are 5th after Romanians (by far the most), Polish, British and Hungarians.
  3. Service-wise they vary from OKish to outstanding. When they are outstanding Latin girls make up the very top of the list of the best London escorts around.
  4. Chances of French Kissing are like 60% hit-40% miss – that said no kissing at all (as per their Romanian counterparts) is rare.
  5. One frequent caveat with Latin girls is slight time dodging.
  6. Most are priced in the £130+ range and some also work in parallel for agencies and/or parlours for a higher fee.
  7. Genuine South American girls are hard to find outside London. Spanish girls are becoming more common.
  8. Their profiles are usually short-lived, as is their presence. Many come in UK just for a period 6 months (as long as the duration of their visa).
  9. A large number of Portuguese girls have appeared on AW in 2016. Due to nationality verification these girls do seem genuine and are not the usual fake "Spanish" Romani gypsies.

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