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Unlike all the other "walk ups", 52 Greek Street is the only walk down in Soho as it is a very small basement flat.

This place shares its entrance with a clothes shop (see photo below) and it is at the corner of Greek Street and Bateman Street.

There is another two flat walk up round the corner at 1 Bateman Street.

Working Girls

Name NAT Looks Services
Age Height Size Hair Col Hair Len Hair Sty Eye Col Skin Body Bust Bum Description Other Loc Additional Other Notes
Marie ROM 5'5" tall 12 Black Curvy Friendly attitude, speaks English reasonably well.
Facially quite attractive, Claims she is half Spanish, Sometimes covers for Zara.
Maya BEL Anal
Nina HUN Blonde Petite
Zara BEL/ROM(?) (opinions vary) ~5'6", size 12 Curvy and Shapely Busty Very enthusiastic and friendly. Well regarded by punters 8 Greek Street

Former Working Girls

Name NAT Status
Scarlett GBR Working in 70A Berwick Street

Past Rotas

Starting Date Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2 December 2017 Anna
16 September 2017
9 September 2017 Nina
2 September 2017
26 August 2017
19 August 2017 Maya


Date Girl Rating Author Link
15 December 2017 Zara Positive TallnHung https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=174707.0
26 December 2017 Vanessa Positive JayEZ2K https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=176407.0

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