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Unlike all the other "walk ups", 52 Greek Street is the only walk down in Soho as it is a very small basement flat.

This place shares its entrance with a clothes shop (see photo below) and it is at the corner of Greek Street and Bateman Street.

There is another two flat walk up round the corner at 1 Bateman Street.

Working Girls


Nationality: Bulgarian/Romanian (opinions vary)
Looks: 5'6" tall (approx.) size 12, busty, curvy and shapely. Attractive.
Service: Very enthusiastic and friendly. Well regarded by punters.


Nationality: Romanian - she claims she is half Spanish as well.
Looks: 5'5" tall, size 12, curvy, black hair, facially quite attractive.
Service: Friendly attitude, speaks English reasonably well.
Other info: Sometimes covers for Zara.

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