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Please see the links at the bottom to make recommendations and discuss changes. If you have never been to a London Walk-up before, read the London Walkups page for more info, prices, etc.

Because of the nature of the Soho flats keeping accurate records of all the girls working there is very difficult. Therefore, you are advised use this wiki as a rough guide only. Finding out who works where is more of a problem now as sex workers are no longer allowed to advertise their names on their front doors. This means that if (for the purpose of keeping the wiki up to date) a punter wishes to know who is working where, he will have to knock on each door and ask who is working there that particular day - which would probably annoy quite a lot of prostitutes.

Also take particular notice of 8 Greek Street; the girls in this flat tend not to have set days which makes it very difficult for keeping the wiki up to date. The only way to be sure is to go there and look at the doorbells which have the names of the girls working that day.

Opening Times

Although there are no set opening times, most of the walk ups will open any time from 9:00am onwards, and usually close from 9:00pm onwards. No one has reported any walk ups operating for 24 hours, although some close as late (early?) as 6:00am. There are reports that 52 Greek, 28 Peter Street and 34 Romilly have night shifts, and close at around 5:00 or 6:00am, and that 2 Greens Court (LF and UF) operates from 9:00pm - 3:00am nightly. The day shifts at 34 Romilly Street and 70a Berwick Street are from 11am-8.45pm.

Keep an eye on the Soho Walk Up thread on UKPunting for more up to the minute information.

Soho Girls' Rota

Key to abbreviations:

  • UF - Upper flat
  • LF - Lower flat
  • TC - Temporary Cover
  • UBR - Unknown brunette: Not enough information known about this provider
  • UBL - Unknown blonde: Not enough information known about this provider

Please note: Any notes in RED indicate bad service from these providers. Where possible links to corresponding reports will be added.

Flats with consistently good reports

Below is the table of who would normally work in a particular flat on which day. As it is bound to have inaccuracy, you may check the past rotas in the individual flat's page.

Address Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
70A Berwick Street (LF) Bianca (BEL) Anna (ITA) Anna (ITA) Nichole Scarlett (GBR) Scarlett (GBR) Scarlett (GBR)
70A Berwick Street (UF) Lisa (CZE) Alice Nicole Vanessa Jenny (ROU) Lisa (CZE) Lisa (CZE)
8 Greek Street (LF) Lily (FRA) Kate (POL) Laura Dee Laura Simona Kim
8 Greek Street (UF) Sabrina (ESP) Lily (FRA) Ruby Ruby Ivy Lily (FRA) Ivy
2 Greens Court (LF) Sonia Ritzy ? Kassandra Malina Renata Kassandra
2 Greens Court (UF, Day) CHLOE (ENG) ? POPPY (THAI) POPPY(THAI) CHLOE (ENG) Tiffany (THAI, NEW) ?
2 Greens Court (UF, Night) ? ? ? ? ? Chloe (ENG) ?
2 Lisle Street (UF) Veronica (BUL) Veronica (BUL) Candy Veronica (BUL) Veronica (BUL) Malina Julia (ESP)
3 Lisle Street Ana (ITA) Christine (POR) Kristina Kristina Nicky Ana (ITA) Ana (ITA)
4 Lisle Street (LF) Jenny (ITA) aka Selina Alice (ESP) Alice (ESP) Mya (EE) Laura (TUR) Amanda
4 Lisle Street (UF) Sonia (ESP) Sonia (ESP) Vivian Vivian Amanda Sonia (ESP) ?
18 Newport Court (LF) Nicky (ROU) Nicky (ROU) Nicky (ROU) Nicole Nicole ? ?
18 Newport Court (UF) Petra (PRT) Yo (THAI) Petra (PRT) Mai (CHI) Kim Katie ?
34 Romilly Street (LF) ? Ruby (ROU) Elly ? Alice Elly ?
34 Romilly Street (UF) Nina Priya Nina Alexandra Nina Nina Ruby
Address Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Flats with some good reports

Address Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
52 Greek Street Milana (LIT) ? Mary Mary Zara (BGR) Mary Mary
1 Greens Court (LF) Linda (RUS) Linda (RUS) Christina Sonia (Sarah after 2230) Sara Julia Sonia
1 Greens Court (UF) Lavinia Sara Linda Lavinia Kristina Lavinia Alice (ESP)
10 Little Newport Street Maya (THA) Tina (THA) Maya (THA) Anne (THA) Holly (THA) Maya (THA) Tina (THA)
28 Peter Street (LF) Nina ANNA (RUS) Vanessa Becky Angela (LTU) Micky (GER) Alexia
28 Peter Street (UF) Angela (LTU) Angela (LTU) Ariana (BRA) Vanessa Andra (ROU) ? Angela (LTU)
Address Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Note: The walk-ups on Brewer Street and Tisbury Court closed down prior to June 2016.

Flats to avoid

Address Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11 Brewer Street (LF) There have not been good reports from these flats for a long time. An "Italian" and a "Maltese" girl operate from these premises
11 Brewer Street (UF) For a latest review about Brewer St. on the Soho Walk Ups thread click here
61 Dean Street (LF) Bella (GRC) Bella (GRC) Bella (GRC)
61 Dean Street (UF) ? ? Louise (GBR)Review Anna (ROU) Anna (ROU)Click for Review ? ?
Tisbury Court It seems these flats have been closed. Best to avoid this area as there are reports of dealers roaming about.
Address Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Girls' Descriptions

Name NAT Description Locations
Amanda HUN
Hungarian, 5'4" tall, late 20s - early 30s, slim, attractive brunette (was known to have blonde hair at some point) average sized boobs. She is highly rated for her near-GFE service. She does not rush punters and has a pleasant friendly personality.
Angela LTU
Early 30s, slim, size 10/12, pretty, blonde girl with porn star looks, big fake tits, big eyelashes, etc. She can be a bit moody sometimes but in the whole she is a good shag. If she is in the mood she will ask you to stick your finger up her arse and offer you anal for £20 extra.
28 Peter Street
Angie CHE
Early 30s, slim, size 10, honey coloured brunette, very pretty. She is quite well know for giving a good service and has a legion of regulars so finding her free is a bit of a challenge. Well worth visiting if this if your first time in Soho.
Bianca ROU
Works at 2 Greens Court (not to be confused with other Biancas in other flats). Bianca is very slim, blonde (dyed?), attractive and friendly Romanian girl. She gives a very good service and has a pleasant personality. She is recommended by many Soho regulars.
70A Berwick Street
Clara GRC
Attractive Greek girl, 5'8", slim size 10, late 20s, tanned body and fake tits.
Cristina aka Petra PRT
Portuguese girl, 5'7" tall (approx.) size 12, medium-size breasts. Depending on reports sometimes can be enthusiastic and friendly; sometimes not so much. Speaks good English. She uses different names depending on which flat she works.
18 Newport Court
Elena BGR
Petite brunette, very friendly and good looking. She has fake tits but well done and not too big. She has a mole on her right arm.

Although no longer in 70A Berwick, she is currently working in 50A Shepherd Market on Mondays and Thursdays.

50A Shepherd Market
Jessica ROU
Around 5'8" dark haired Romanian. Has a pleasant attitude and very good looks.
Kate POL
Polish girl, blonde, busty, green eyes, and slightly BBW, very pleasant girl with good attitude.
8 Greek Street
Kathleen ROM
Romanian girl, 5'5" tall (approx.), size 7/8, age 19. She quite petite with a pretty face and a clear complexion to match, a well toned teen body with no ounce of fat, tanned even skin, with gravity defying perked tits and a great ass that can give JLO a run for her money. Depending on reports, she can sometimes be enthusiastic and friendly during sex or she can give you a disinterested look. If she really in the mood after sex she will stand by the door and give you a hug before opening the door or the cold shoulder leaving you to open and close the door by yourself while she waits with the maid. Her English is not good so expect to use a google translator or a serious amount of sign language. If you are willing to pay a little bit extra, anal sex is on the cards. Do not expect too much from her blowjobs as it nothing to write home about and she will not offer you any assistant in guiding your dick into her whether that is anal or vaginal.
English Milf, at least late 30s or early 40's, blonde.
2 Lisle Street
Lisa CZE
Czech girl, very popular and well known. 5' 5", blonde, size 12, medium sized boobs, very attractive and friendly. She speaks very good English. She doesn’t rush you and tries to make you feel at ease. Doesn't work many days in Soho and you can find her covering for some girls sometimes.
70A Berwick Street
Mai, Chinese, very slim, small tight arse, average looking girl. Speaks good English but her service is slightly rushed.
Marie ROU
Romanian girl who may sometimes claim she is half Spanish. 5'5" tall, size 12, curvy, black hair, facially quite attractive. Friendly attitude, speaks English reasonably well.
Turkish/German brunette
Turkish girl, size 8, very attractive and quite popular. She has a good sense of humour and is friendly and attentive with punters. Is quite good at putting the condom on with her mouth.
34 Romilly Street
Nicky ROU
Claims to be Italian but is thought to be Romanian. Another popular girl. 5'5" tall, size 10, busty (but slightly droopy tits), curvy and shapely. Quite attractive. Reported as offering a very enthusiastic and friendly service. Speaks good English.
Poppy THA
Early 20s Slim and very attractive, fake tits well done. Does not rush very friendly and enthusiastic service.very popular girl
2 Greens Court
Scarlett GBR
An English girl from Essex with auburn hair, average/slim shape, smallish tits, about 5'5".Her rates are a bit more expensive than WGs at other walk-ups. Scarlett offers DFK for an extra £10.

Twitter: @SohoScarlett

70A Berwick Street
Tatiana COL
South American girl, 5' 3", small but natural tits, a bit of a belly and a typical Latina arse, big and round. Very friendly and attentive, doesn't rush and speaks good English.
Tina BUL
Bulgarian girl in her early or mid 20s, curvy/chubby body, friendly/chatty attitude. She originally worked at 34 Romilly Street but now works mostly at 2 Greens Court UF and 18 Newport Court. Very similar in looks to Zara from 52 Greek St.
Zara BGR
5'6" tall (approx.) size 12, busty, curvy and shapely. Attractive. Very enthusiastic and friendly. Well regarded by punters.

Typical Price List of Soho walk ups

The prices and services are fixed throughout the walk ups in Soho with the exception of 3 Lisle Street and 10 Little Newport Street that have a £30 and £25 minimum charge, respectively, for the basic service .

Note (by Poseidon): Little Newport Street has odd rates, £25 for basic, £45 for sex + oral + vib, £65 for sex + massage 30 minutes and £130 for 1 hr VIP service. Also 28 Peter Street is more expensive (£85 for 30 mins, £125 for 45 mins, £160 for 1 hr) with extras like DFK, tit sucking, and water sports all being £10 extra.

Tip for maid £2
10 minute service
Straight sex £20
Sex & Oral £30
Sex & Positions £30
Sex & Full Strip £30
Sex & Vibrator £35
Hand relief £20
Water Sports £35
Spanking (giving) £30
Services that include some of the extras from the list above
20 minutes £65
Dream time £55
30 minutes £65
40 minutes £85
1 hour £130

Closed flats

1 Bateman Street
20 Berwick Street
21 Greek Street
6 Peter Street
27 Peter Street
26 Wardour Street
26 Romilly Street

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Apart from the editors updating the Soho wiki there are a large number of punters (now too many to mention) whose invaluable input is appreciated.

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