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A guide to well-known ways in which a prostitute might use to waste time. A booking is usually a set length of time and the prostitute won't need to work as hard if she spends less time doing sexual services. It is worth noting that many prostitutes are good at what they do, and some men may enjoy some of the practices listed here. This guide only covers timewasting tactics during a punt. This guide aims to inform.

Talking Time Away

Many prossies view a pre-chat as an icebreaker. No problem with that sentiment, but what if the prossie talks for so long it cuts your time in half and there is no time left to do the sexual positions you want or even orgasm.

Time wasted
If the man is into the chat it can waste significant time. The "experts" can easily waste 30 minutes or longer. From my experiences less than 10 minutes is normal chat time.

This is very effective as the man does not want to appear like a "rude nobhead" by interrupting her.

Avoiding It

  • It's easier to spot if you notice the prossie talking excessively, with little or no real focus on you (such as sitting far away).
  • The subject matter will change quickly from topic to topic and she will often talk more about herself, than you; sexual acts will rarely get mentioned if at all.
  • Verbally suggest you want to move things along.
  • Ask for a refund if it looks like a non-starter or if you are too pissed off to continue (assuming you handed over cash first).
  • Move things along by stroking her leg or cuddling.
  • Do not mistake a few minutes preamble for an insult.
  • Some men love a chat and that's cool. It's your money it's your choice.

Crap Massage

From my experiences most massages are crap. Very few are truly qualified and some don't have the strength to push down hard enough. Some men enjoy a massage, but it should never be compulsory.

Time wasted
10-20 minutes easily, sometimes longer.

A popular timewasting tactic and some prossies insist that it is compulsory. It is often used to run the clock down after the man has cum once, he is offered a massage, he accepts, time has run out, stopping him from having sex again (Round Two).

Avoiding It

  • Politely refuse if you do not want it. Ask to do something you enjoy more.
  • A massage parlour does not mean you have to accept a massage. It is simply a euphemism for a brothel.
  • For limb and joint pain see a qualified sports masseuse\masseur.

Making a Drink

The prossie goes to make a drink for you. She is probably stashing the cash. It's not a problem unless she is gone for a significant amount of time. The prostiute has the right to stash the cash and is often just being hospitable, it's only a problem if it looks like a piss take.

Time wasted
Up to 15 minutes. From my experience the time to make a drink, even a hot drink should take 5 minutes or less.

It can be effective if the punter is not suspicious or a newbie.

Avoiding It

  • Refuse a drink if you do not want one. Some punters even bring their own water\soft drink. Bringing a flask of steaming hot cocoa will look like you are taking the piss though.
  • Respect the fact the prossie wants to stash the cash.
  • Ask if she needs a hand if it is taking too long.

Early Alarm or a Fast Clock

The prossie's alarm on her phone goes off 10 minutes before the booking is due to end. Oh dear, time up and a regular "client" is waiting. You check her clock and it looks like your time is up, but you know it isn't because you checked the time in your car before you entered her house.

Time wasted
10 minutes is typical. Up to 20 minutes has been known.

Very effective as it is hard to prove. It is also fucking sly.

Avoiding It

  • Wear a cheap watch. Keep the Rolex at home. Make sure it is set to the precise time.
  • Use Wi-Fi to find the accurate time on your phone. If it is an older one use the internet or the talking clock to set the correct time. This will ensure your time keeping is accurate.
  • Ask when the booking starts, if need be. Most prossies will start when you hand over the cash or when you enter the place.
  • Show her the watch before your time starts and check her wall clock.
  • Set a discreet alarm on your phone a couple of minutes before your booking should end, then you know when you need to bring it to a climax.

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