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Fluffies are just another part of the punting world. Whether they are bad is a matter of opinion. This page makes some mass generalisations, but is here to provide information and be fun. All punters probably display some fluffy characteristics at some time in their "career" especially if they find a regular.

While being fluffy about your own punts is fine, this mind set can lead to become a White Knight, which can lead to being banned from UK Punting

What is a Fluffy?

In the Glossary it is defined as:
Often derogatory term to describe a punter who sees all prostitutes through rose tinted glasses, thinks she can do no wrong, and can become too emotionally attached, in severe cases may be suffering from EAS.

Negative traits of fluffies

  • Can never see bad traits in escorts. E.g. Constantly cancelling bookings is met with positive feedback.
  • Buys expensive gifts for a prostitute (and often receives little reward back).
  • Too emotionally attached and may see the prostitute as a girlfriend.
  • Writes grovelling reports that are un-detailed or focus on irrelevant facts (such as the quality of the duvet cover).
  • He may have a bad time with an escort, but may fail to admit to himself that it was bad.

Positive traits of fluffies

  • May bring out a prostitute's bad attitude. It has been known for fluffies to be slagged off openly on forums which indicates they have a negative attitude towards punters in general.
  • It's refreshing, if occasionally cloying to hear another perspective.
  • If a punter is the opposite contrast to a fluffy, when he sees a prostitute she may like him better (No EAS, No lavish gifts = no headache); the opposite could also be true.

Reasons why a prostitute may like a fluffy

  • Will often stand-up for inexcusable prostitute behaviour on forums.
  • Writes brown-nosing reports\reviews which may boost their popularity.
  • Will allow for unreasonable prostitute habits on a punt (e.g. talking their time away).
  • May buy them expensive gifts such as a new pair of shoes.
  • May tip higher than the asking fee.

Reasons why a prostitute may dislike a fluffy

  • Too clingy. Throughout history most women are attracted to strong, independent men.
  • Suffers from Emotional Attachment Syndrome. Stalker alert!
  • He may expect special treatment. E.g. extra services, re-scheduling bookings around him.
  • May want a date "off the books".
  • May pry too much into an escort's private life.

The impact fluffies can have on an escort (and how it affects other punters)

  • If they receive tips regularly, it may encourage them to raise their prices, making them unaffordable to some punters.
  • May allow for an inflated ego, which could result in bratty behaviour by the escort (e.g. asking for a photo before a booking or other unreasonable demands).
  • Dilutes reports\reviews. Overly verbose reviews of a prostitute's dress with no reports of the sex which presumably took place are quite common on other sites. Many newbie punter's believe they are how a report should be written.
  • May allow for a prostitute to integrate timewasting as part of their routine. "Peter likes to chat for 30 minutes, surely other punters will to".
  • Encourages prostitutes to write descriptions of themselves that often do not appeal to the punter.
  • Can start forum disputes.

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