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A list of common myth that have perpetuated through the years.

Newbie Punters Should Have a 2 Hour Minimum Booking

On many escort profiles you might see advice for punters written by the prostitute. A typical example could be:
"Always book a minimum of two hours for your first time to break the ice and get to know the lady"
This is simply a sly way of the prostitute taking advantage of a punter's inexperience. A prostitute could easily talk away an hour, offer a massage and then there's maybe 30 minutes of oral and sex left. If the prostitute charges £70 for 30 minutes and £200 for 2 hours, she makes £130 by doing the same amount of work. For newbies, an hour is the maximum you should book you will find time goes quickly, and you rarely have much to say to a stranger. But, ask yourself what you want out of the meet, given most punters are there for sex do you really want to pay at least £100 extra to talk? See also: New to Punting.

Newbie Punters Should See a Mature Escort First

The implication is that the punter should see an older woman as his first punt, especially if he is a virgin. This myth seems to have come about from older escorts trying to promote themselves. The punter will probably have very little in common with a woman thirty years older. Even if the punter is older, there is no reason for him not to see a younger escort. The consensus from UKP is that the punter should see who he wants as a first punt. It is more important that she speaks a good standard of his first language (usually English). He should see someone established with good feedback and should avoid getting attached as it is a "business transaction" and not a date. Even a young escort can be experienced. If she has even 3 customers a day for a year, that is over 1000 clients. Also it is best to tell the escort that it is your first time.

Punters are Single Men That Couldn't Even Pull at a Blind Disco

Many punters are married or in relationships. The reasons for punting vary wildly; variety, lack of sex from the wife and convenience are common reasons. Some even cite their marriage as being a factor for punting. Some punters are of course, single. Reasons vary, but many singles cite punting as being convenient (around work) and punting being less hassle than starting a relationship especially if sex is the sole purpose. A punter's appearance is subjective and many escorts claim to have regular attractive clients. Many punters are also very social people that can pick up women successfully and maintain relationships. Not sure where this came from, but paying for sex is generally looked down upon by most of society and archaic, asinine arguments supports prejudice and jealousy still prevalent in the 21st century.

Prostitutes Only like Men With Big Cocks

No idea where this came from. The average dick size in the UK is 5.5" erect. And over 6.4" could be classed as big. There are some size queens no doubt, but most women find large nobs hurt and can be less pleasurable than Mr Average.

Only Old Dudes Punt

Most punters actually start in their early or late twenties and continue the "hobby" through their lives. The reason some punters appear to be old is they often have disposable incomes or have done the whole dating\marriage scene and find it unfulfilling.

If You Pay More You Get a Better Quality Prostitutes

Some punters insist that if you pay more for an escort, sometimes extortionate rates of £150+ per hour that the escort will be better than one at £100 an hour. This is untrue. The quality will depend on the girl's attitude, appearance and service. You can have a good or a bad punt at any price. See: Average regional prices.

All Prostitutes are Drug Addicts

Some prostitutes do take drugs as you would expect. People take illegal drugs in all walks of life. Very few prostitutes take hard drugs such as: heroin and crack; the ones that do are not very successful. Many of the streetwalkers are as likely to be alcoholics than crack or heroin addicts. Most punters avoid streetwalkers anyway. This isn't a myth, but an exaggeration and has been perpetuated by politicians to fund anti-prostitution campaigns and by desperate housewives that see prostitutes as "husband stealers".

All Prostitutes are High Class

This is a bit complex to explain as in fact there are two misconceptions combined.

First people with zero knowledge of today’s prostitution status in UK think that the dominant form of prostitution is still street prostitution and what comes in their mind by the word “prostitute” are pimped, drug-addicted street prostitutes working during the night, wearing fishnets and heavy makeup and getting paid £20 for a pump and dump quickie inside a Toyota Prius. In comparison girls working indoors from decent premises, booked over the phone for scheduled 1hr+ appointments, showering in between bookings, having good hygiene, and offering full GFE services are considered “high-class escorts”. But in this time and era using this old definition most prostitutes in UK can be considered as “high-class escorts” and indeed you have girls who feel the need to clarify they are “high class escorts” and not cheap street hookers.

Of course “high-class” has further connotations as well: Higher-level of education (college/university) and good background, being nicely presented (dressed nicely and with expensive lingerie), working in a posh location, doing only 1-2 bookings per day, etc. These beliefs were also reinforced after the success of the books and TV series: "Secret Diaries of a Call Girl". Yes, it is true that some prostitutes are well-educated, attractive, expensive and from good backgrounds like Belle Du Jour (Brooke Magnati) but the reality is that a prostitute can come from any background or education and although many write "classy lady" in their profile, very few actually are. It is marketing hyperbole.

All Prostitutes and Punters Have STDs

Another myth is that all prostitutes and punters have sexual diseases due to having multiple partners. It is possible that some punters and prostitutes do have STDs. But to imply all have a STD is a mass generalisation. Many punters and prostitutes are regularly checked at a GUM clinic, yes, some don't bother and they are considered careless. It's also worth noting many sexual services are covered and most prostitutes don't offer bareback. Punters that see barebacking prostitutes are often frowned upon. Anyone can have an STD and people that have drunken sex up against a dustbin are probably more likely to have one than the average punters, as less planning is involved.

All Prostitutes are Trafficked

A popular media myth with those who have seen one too many Liam Neeson 'Taken' movies about teenage girls being kidnapped and forcibly fed heroin so they become sex slaves. The reality is that there are actually plenty of volunteers for a job which doesn't need any qualifications, exams, or a job interview but pays £100+ an hour as an alternative to a job stacking shelves on minimum wage. The only qualification escort agencies and sites like AdultWork will check is ID to ensure girls are over 18. The media obsession with trafficking is driven by moralising politicians and anti-prostitution campaigners who want to introduce laws to make punting illegal - if you speak to escorts they actually don't want do gooders to 'save' them from their well paid job. Despite the vastly inflated numbers, limited numbers of girls from some countries, probably working here illegally, may be trafficked - if you see evidence any girl is working against her will then don't go ahead with the booking and report it to Crimestoppers.

All Prostitutes are Pimped

Some are, some aren't, but old fashioned stereotypes of pimps controlling street girls are outdated. Thanks to the Internet and sites like AdultWork many girls can easily set up as an independent escort and wouldn't dream of giving a cut of their cash to a pimp. Then again some are openly married or come from a swinging background and have husbands who will even join in the action. There isn't one clear stereotype. Modern day pimps are as likely to be escort agency owners providing an online shop front for girls, but there are still some more traditional pimps which is why you will see frequent reference to Sergei on UKPunting as the archetypal East European pimp with his stable of Romanian girls being driven round the country.

All Prostitutes Come From Broken Homes or Were Abused as Youngsters

This is probably more of a porn star myth but is also heard about escorts. As pointed out previously about all prostitutes being drug addicts or high class, the reality is escorts come from the same range of backgrounds as any other job, so yes no doubt some will be from broken homes but just as likely they have very normal, stable family backgrounds. Which is why they are so keen to avoid being identified because of the problems this causes with family. This myth still exists because of old prejudices towards paid sex workers, often from Anti-Prostitution lobbyists and the likes of Mumsnet.

Prostitutes are Dirty in Bed, Punters are Perverts

This old chestnut. A lot of prostitutes are vanilla and in recent years the demand for GFE services has increased. A few offer deep throat and anal, but can they be considered kinky acts in the 21st century? Some provide fetishistic services, but they are quite rare. As for them being filthy; it depends on the woman. If you expect prostitutes to provide sex akin to that off a Ben Dover video, you are sure to be disappointed. Though, prostitutes generally have less sexual hang-ups than the average woman on the street for obvious reasons, they've often seen it all.

As for punters being perverts; it depends how you define sexual deviancy. There is narrow-mindedness among females, this probably stems from the fact some happily married men want to see a woman for sex, other than their wife. Most punters are probably after a service similar to having sex with a girlfriend or fuck buddy. The BDSM community is almost separate to the punting scene and in my opinion no-one that takes part in BDSM is a pervert. The truth is with experience a punter may find his horizons broadened and he may enjoy activities he never thought of trying before. The same can be said for anyone that has regular sex with multiple partners.

Prostitutes Only Like Good Looking Men

Beauty is in the eye of beholder, and looks are subjective. Some newbie punters believe a prostitutes won't see them if they consider themselves unattractive. Some prostitutes do discriminate on the grounds of race, weight and age; as long as they state this in their profiles it's not too contentious. I've only ever heard of one punter being turned away, a big rugby player and that was because the girl considered him too large. I've never heard of anyone being turned away based on facial features. I have seen a few profiles ask for a photo so, they can decide whether to see the punter; in my opinion punting is not dating and the punter shouldn't be expected to jump through hoops. Every woman loves a man they consider attractive, but based on reports I have read they may enjoy his looks, but could be put-off by his personality or arrogance. The most important things are to: arrive on time, be polite and friendly, and have good hygiene. The truth is punting is a business transaction, prostitutes that discriminate or are rude often lose custom very quickly.

Prostitutes are Skilled at Sex

The myth seems to exist that all prostitutes are sexperts. Prostitutes are no doubt more comfortable sexually and perhaps with their body and other people's bodies than the average civvy woman. The quality of sex does vary wildly. Some prostitutes will be new to the job and may fumble putting on a condom or be nervous, as anyone would be if it is first day in a new occupation. Prostitutes will also have more sexual partners than the average non-prostitutes. As mentioned before there is no guarantee of the perfect blow job or great sex. Obviously, punters are individuals and enjoy different things, one size doesn't fit all; it would be unlikely that a single prostitute can satisfy every customer.

Punters Only Pay For Companionship Not Sex

On many escort profiles you might read:
"Any money paid is for my companionship only. What goes on in private is the choice of consenting adults".

In reality sexual activity is always available provided you pay the correct amount and are clean. In rare cases the escort may limit the services; e.g. sex might be unavailable as she is on her period. It is true that some men are willing to do nothing but talk or have a massage, but in most cases the men are there for sex only. It is true that the punter mainly pays for time, bookings rarely overrun and if they do, it is often only by a few minutes. The punter is also free to leave earlier if he wants. There are a range of service specific escorts popping up. E.g. "blowjob only car meet £50". No-one should believe these are for companionship only and not sex.

This seems to have started due to prostitution being illegal in certain American states. The disclaimer may save them from some legal bother. British escorts simply copied the wording and it became widespread. Unfortunately, the wording also implies the escort will offer what services she feels like that day and may use it to justify talking time away or similar. In a law court no amount of disclaimers will save them from running a brothel or trafficking.

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