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This page is taken from this UKP thread.


The purpose of this page is to help and guide newbie punters in Bangkok. Some think that Thailand is the punting capital of Asia. However, even the best places require the best planning and approach as everyone out there is after your money. No money no honey.

There are two main red light districts in Bangkok, Soi Cowboy (between Soi 21 and 23) and Soi 4 (Nana Plaza), along Sukhumvit Road from each other. The word Soi in Thai is a term used for a side street. Bangkok has one of the worst traffic that I have seen in Asia. Although you could get from one place to another in a taxi for no more than 150 baht, I still prefer to use the BTS Trains. BTS trains are everywhere and your ticket would probably cost you no more than 50 baht. Soi Cowboy is located at Asok Station and Soi 4 is located at Nana Station, a few stops from each other.

There are several different types of P4P (pay for pleasure):

  • Go-Go Bar
  • Blowjob Bar
  • Soapy Massage (includes sex)
  • Traditional Massage (with Happy ending)

And of course you could book an agency, of meet a sugar baby, but that is no really the Thailand experience

Go-go bar

A Go-Go Bar is a place where the girls will dance on a stage (usually doing a wiggle waggle) for around 10 minutes. The line up would then change again for a new set of girls to dance on the stage. In many there may be 30+ girls dancing in a line on stage. Each girl would have a number on their bikini and you would wave over the girl of your choice for a drink. A girl would then expect a lady drink which shouldn't cost more than 200 baht.

Scam 1: Always, always and always say to the girl that " I will buy you one lady drink, so we can talk and get to know each other". If you do not do this, some girls would scam you for a double drink at 600 baht a pop. That'll put you down a quick £15 in 5 seconds. This is becoming very common now and can be easily avoided.

Now, once you've bought her a drink, now is the time where you can assess whether she speaks a word of English. All the girls will ask the same questions such as "Sawadeeka, what's your name? , where you from?, how old are you?, how long you stay, one lady drink for me?, you barfine me?". If you're looking for a girl with conversational English, it would be best to ask questions beyond the scripted answers. Such as "how has your week been?, is it always busy like this in the bar?" These type of questions will flush out the boring girls with very little English.

Now, if you're happy with the girl and you want to break your Bangkok virginity, you'll have to pay a barfine. A barfine is a fee paid to the bar to cover the lost revenue when the girl leaves. The going rate is 700-1000ST and 1100-1400LT. You do get the odd places robbing punters which leads me on to scam 2. The cost to the girl will be about 2000 ST and 3000 LT.

Scam 2: The bar can employ very hot girls who are known as cayotees. These girls are usually dressed in a skimpy tight outfit and can normally not be barfined. They are used to entice punters into the bar and scam them into lady drinks. Unfortunately, the poor bastard doesn't realise that's he's being scammed until he asks the barfine question and gets told that she's either on her period or does not go with customers. Always confirm with the girl whether she leaves with customers and can be barfined.

Before you barfine the girl, you would agree to either a short time (ST) or a long time (LT) service. ST are usually 1-2 hours and a single pop unless stated otherwise. Most girls would allow 2 pops but if you do not confirm, don't complain later. Remember, everyone in Bangkok is after your baht. Some establishments have rooms upstairs to do the deed and it shouldn't cost you more than 500 baht. Most girls will know of local ST hotels which are very basic and again, shouldn't cost more than 500 baht.

LT is an overnight service where you would take the girl back to your place and she would leave around 12pm the following day. Most girls will stay and honor this but a few dont which leads me on to scam 3.

Scam 3: There are a few girls who will try various tricks in the book to leave before the agreed time. Common excuses are that she doesn't feel very well or that her friend is in trouble and needs her help. If this happens to you, do not give her the amount agreed for LT, give her 2000 baht and show her the way out.

This question can literally start a new thread. But I will make it very brief. In Bangkok, you will have punters from all over the world but, Thai people see foreigners very differently to us. Americans, Europeans and Australians (white skinned) known as farangs. Arabs known as Arabs, South Asian's known as Indians (illiterate Thai mentality), any dark skin as Africans and any oriental as Japanese (333).

Depending on your nationality, you can be treated differently and although you may feel that these girls are prostitutes, they also do an undercover vetting process. Farangs and Japs shouldn't have a problem but the Indians may be asked to pay a little more. This isn't always the case but it can happen and that is why I'm including it in this guide.

Now comes the very interesting part. Our Japanese friends are making it very difficult for us and I'm seeing a change in the attitude of a "few" bar girls. The Japs are referred to as 333, three inches, three minutes and 3000 baht. They are throwing money away at these girls and screwing it up for us all. In Japan the P4P scene is very expensive so, for them it makes no sense to haggle on the price. I have heard from various girls that the Japs have paid 5000 baht for ST and some have even paid this amount just to sit with a girl back at the hotel. And for this reason folk, you will find that some girls will only go with the Japs. It's nothing personal, just business and as I've said before, "everyone in Bangkok is after your baht"

For everyone else, the going rate at the moment is 1500 baht for ST and 3000 baht for LT. Girls will usually start much higher than this but I would keep firm on these prices.

Exchange rate is a pound is 42 baht, so easy to think of 4000 baht as £100

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