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This essay contains the advice or opinions of one or more UKPunting members. Essays are not UK Punting policies.


Include in your review (LLL&S):

* Provider's name plus LOCATION in the SUBJECT. Nearest town or, for London - closest tube/train station and first part of the post code (and agency/parlour added for agency or parlour reviews).

* AW profile link or contact details at the start of the review. Best to cut and paste the link from bottom of her AW page

* Logistics; booking and communication.

* Location (for In-call); safety, discretion, facilities, comfort, ease of finding.

* Looks; WG body and face, approximate age, height and dress size, hygiene, outfit, accuracy of photos, nationality and language.

* Services used and the price paid (detailing time and extras charged). Mention enthusiasm, attitude, time keeping.

* Bonus points; face and figure photos from the profile.


There are few rules about how to write a review other than those against touting and fake reviews. Following the guidance below will make your reviews more helpful for the reader. You can adopt a style/format from the existing reviews section or you can develop your own. Note that a minimum content is required. Reviews without enough description to justify the rating usually get turned into a discussion thread.


The two essential elements to include in the subject of your review are (i) the WG's name, and (ii) the location. Many providers have similar names so cut and paste the precise profile name into the subject field for your review. For location, as a general rule include the nearest town. Specifically in London, use the closest rail or underground station together with the first three or four letters only of the WG's postcode. If agency, include the agency name as a third item. Also indicate in the subject field if your review is of a transsexual using the acronym TS.

Overall Rating

The overall rule is “your review, your rating.”

Your rating is your recommendation to other punters about whether to visit. Ratings are summarised in aggregate beneath posts that include the AW link included in your review. Ultimately the impact of your rating on the aggregate will be the only part of your review readers may see - rate accordingly.

Give a positive rating if you want to unequivocally recommend the provider to other punters. If you would repeat the punt as it was, or plan to revisit, you should probably give a positive rating. Note B&S bookings should not be recorded as a positive rating against original profile, even if you had a good experience.

Give a neutral rating when you have reservations about recommending the provider to other punters. Describe your reservations in your review.

Give a negative rating as a warning to other punters about the provider. There is a range of opinion about how you should treat dishonesty, misrepresented services, fake pictures and poor value in terms of the overall rating. In these instances, pointing out how you arrived at your rating will leave the punter better informed about whether they want to visit.


Include contact details for the WG at the very start of your review. If she has an Adultwork profile, this will be the full reference code that you will find at the bottom of her profile. Including the reference code creates a link to previous reviews and includes your review in the total. Where a WG does not have an Adultwork page, give whatever contact details she publishes in order to allow others to book.

Comment about the pre-punt communication - the best way to communicate with the WG, discussing/confirming services and how/when the booking was made. Knowing that a WG (i) only responds to phone calls, (ii) does not use the green light availability system, (iii) cannot read English, (iv) does not switch her phone on until four in the afternoon but (v) is reliable when a booking a week in advance and (vi) will honour email service requests sent ahead of time, can be very useful information and make it less time consuming to make an arrangement. Give any useful additional information about a WG's availability to take bookings and for appointments beyond what she describes in the profile. Be careful to state your experience, rather than repeating things from her profile that you cannot confirm.


Provide as much detail as you can to give a general indication of the location WITHOUT identifying the specific address. Do not include information that indicates to a casual reader of the board exactly where the WG is based.

It can be helpful to indicate the approximate distance from the nearest station as well as the availability and cost of parking. Location and parking tips are appreciated in difficult to reach locations. Highlight any concerns you have about the safety or discretion of the location or the premises. Point out anything noteworthy about facilities.

Note the following forum rules. "It is not allowed to post personal info of service providers, such as real names and personal social networking profiles. Phone numbers may be posted in full only if they are published in adverts / profiles. Hotels used by service providers may not be named. General description of incall locations is acceptable, but not specific house numbers or street names or postcodes."


Describing the WG's looks in your review serves at least three functions. It highlights positive or negative factors that may lead to/ deter a booking. It helps the reader assess the accuracy of the description in the profile. It also makes it easier to confirm the identity of the WG at the start of a meeting.

Try to give a reasonably detailed and objective description of her looks toward the beginning of the review. While a certain degree of subjectivity is inevitable, it can be helpful to mention both particularly attractive or unattractive physical features. If you can, indicate the WG's approximate height, dress size and any distinctive identifying characteristics (which make it much easier for other punters to determine whether they are actually meeting the same girl). The use of rating scales for physical and facial attractiveness is contentious - one method developed by Jason is detailed below. Highlight any concerns about hygiene.

Comment on the accuracy of the photographs and the physical description included in the profile. Give your view of her actual age. Mention her nationality. Describe how well she speaks and understands English. Also mention what she wore and if she met a dress request.


  1. Describe the services you used and the price you paid. Specify extras. Please detail any variations from the services and prices advertised. If services were not as agreed, describe your qualification and contracting before the punt. This will help other punters differentiate whether the profile is accurate, she is honest through the process of contracting and whether she delivers as agreed in the room.
  2. Comment on the WG's management of time. In particular; did the session start promptly, how long did you spend with her, how much of this was "action," did you have her undivided attention for the session, and how did she indicate the end of your time?
  3. Aim for balance and include aspects that could either deter or attract other punters. Be aware that OWO (among others) is key services for many punters and comment whether services were provided as advertised (or confirmed). Likewise, comment if the SP is discernibly a smoker or on any marked variations from the physical impression in the profile (age and size).
  4. Review rather than advertise. Write a review in order to allow other punters to make an informed choice about whether they want to visit the WG, rather than in order to “promote” the girl because you think “she deserves it”. This is the most common mistake and there is nothing worse than a punter who assumes the role of a prostitute’s forum pimp. You are free to post your own review for your own experience. Do not reference other reviewers reviews to defend your position or post a review to white knight an escort.(example). Note the following forum rule. "No touting or advertising. You must disclose any link you have that may be seen as bias, even if you're just a past customer. Sharing info must be for the benefit of other punters and not to promote the business of others. Reviews that read like a marketing-written advert rather than genuine recommendation will be removed."
  5. Do not blame other reviewers for misleading you about a punt due to their previous positive feedback about the girl. It is best practice not to refer to previous reviews at all. If you have reason to believe that the feedback they had given was fake, this is best discussed on their review. Have the following analogy in mind: Visiting an escort is like being a tourist visiting a certain place - a review is like taking one picture of the location. The usefulness of that picture (to others who consider visiting the same place) depends on the quality of the picture but, it is still one picture taken at a particular date and time. If something changes, it is not the fault of the previous reviewers. Many escorts have both positive and negative reviews - it does not mean one is right and one is wrong. If you are seeking guarantees in punting, then punting is not for you.
  6. It can be helpful to point out areas of distinctive or outstanding service from a WG for readers whose tastes may be similar to your own. Particularly point out "nice surprises".
  7. Avoid writing a review about YOU, rather than the WG. Do not boast about yourself in a review (your 7 or 10 inches cock, your Cristiano Ronaldo looks, your fit body, that the escort told you that you’re handsome, your luxurious car, your wealth, your martial arts and cage-fighting skills, etc.) Even if what you are saying is real, you will likely be ridiculed as a fantasist plus there is no reason to mention such things in a review.
  8. Try to be objective and factual. Avoid hyperbole; use superlatives sparingly. 'I found her attractive' is factual. 'She is the best looking girl in Birmingham' is not. Remember you can be as fluffy as you wish DURING the meeting but do not come across as delusional no matter how good the GFE illusion provided by the WG had been. While there is not full agreement, many UKP members look for balance in a review. You can write a Positive review without the mindset of recommending. You are simply stating what happened to you. It could be the most positive punt you have ever had, but the neutral mindset (without the word 'recommend') may help you write a good review.
  9. Be cautious in using rating scales. If you review multiple girls, others may see a pattern and see whether they can relate to your taste, etc. So it is important to be consistent. If, for example, you are using some sort of rating system then whatever the numerical scale you use, make sure the scores you award to different girls are such that the difference in the values somehow reflect the difference between the reviewed girls for that specific attribute (e.g. looks). Giving everyone 10/10 or the same score unless truly great or really equal defeats the purpose of having a scale.
  10. Timeframe. How old can a review be? There is no rule on time, use your judgement on whether it helps the punter, and mention the time frame in your comments. See discussion and comment
  11. Note the following forum rule on re-reviews: "Only one positive review thread can be posted for a service provider by one member per 12 month period, the exception is if the new positive review is for a threesome or more booking. This 12-month restriction only applies to positive reviews, not neutral or negative (they can be posted anytime after a positive review). During the 12-month period a member can add their new positive reviews to their existing review thread in the form of a reply."
  12. Many members like to end with a summary of positives and negatives.

Bonus Points

Upload images from the WG's profile to your review, particularly those that give a clear impression of her face, figure or any identifying marks (tattoos). There is an easy to use photo feature in the review writing page. It is good practice to capture pictures and perhaps an AW profile screen shot. These help other punters ensure they are meeting the girl you reviewed and in tracking escorts who change profiles. Please note the following forum rules: “Linking porn work is allowed. Modelling work is also allowed depending on circumstance, e.g. face pics showing on both prostitution profile and modelling profile. News items may be posted depending on circumstances (e.g. criminality).” Only publish images in the public domain.

Things NOT to Say

  1. What happened next is private. Say what you want to say, and leave out what you need to leave out to protect your privacy. If you can't write in simple terms what happened, then don't write a review.
  2. She is a real gem and I want to keep her for myself. There is nothing factual here.
  3. Treat her with respect. As if the readers were going to treat her poorly but since you wrote this, now they wont? Please provide facts, not instructions.
  4. See her while you can. You will not be disappointed. You don't know what other punters want. You don't know what service she will provide next time. This is not reviewing your punt, these are words of a pimp.
  5. She is so good she should raise her prices You do not know an escort's business model, you are a punter. Raising prices might not help her. Also, UKP represents the interests of punters and any statement that encourages price rises is counter to the principles of the board.
  6. Thanks Ms Escort, I had a great time. The review area is for you to provide factual guidance to other punters, not to send messages to escorts.
  7. This is my first review, be gentle. We can see it it is your first review. We will give feedback to your review ... you don't write it to be ignored. And if we don't tell you things now, how will you improve? We are always gentle ... it is only pixels.

Example Reviews that were good or bad

I just want a template. Which reviews can I use?

These reviewers tend to use a template. Click on their name for more.

Also. Just read some of these. Do.

Technical/IT stuff

Posting pictures

There is an easy picture posting feature as part of the 'post a new review page' now.

  • Have the picture saved on your PC. (Toptip: consider deleting and emptying trash after posting).
  • To post multiple pictures, just post the first. Then modify your own post and add more pictures.

Posting pictures using other picture hosting sites

This way does still work.

(A) Capturing pictures: If on a PC then the free method is pressing printscreen (PrtScrn) and then open Paint and paste (Ctrl+V). Then select the portion of the screen you want (e.g. the picture) and click crop. Then save the picture - the default format is .png but better select .jpg. Some newer Windows computers have a tool called Snipping Tool - very easy. On an Apple, this is cmd shift 3 (full screen) or cmd shift 4 (part screen). Saves to desk top.
(B) Uploading pics: Upload the captured image to an image hosting site e.g. imgur, imageshack, tinypic, postimage, etc. To upload a picture, just browse for it on your computer and click upload. Once the picture is uploaded a link is generated. It should be something like this http:/ Most image hosts generate many links for different purposes (e.g. forum usage, reddit usage, direct link, thumbnail, etc). Although you can use the thumbnail or forum link better use the direct one and then do what is describe next.
(C) Posting pics in the review: If you want to just post an external link to that picture then just copy and paste the generated direct link in the review. If though you want to make it visible inside the review then use the following code:
[img width=600]http:/[/img].
The width is defining the width of the picture in number of pixels.

Posting shortened links like text in a sentence

The code is [url=http:/]insert here the text you want to display[/url]. For example [url=]UKP[/url] will display UKP

Examples of rating systems

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