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This is designed to be a database of girls, it is not used to promote girls; it allows the punter to make an informed decison.
Escorts that are on the Prostitute Blacklist, barebackers or those known for providing a consistently poor service will receive a warning sign. Retired escorts are kept mainly for archival purposes, but also in-case they return.

East Yorkshire Escorts (Including Humberside)

Name Adultwork Link Rating Comments
AMELIA - K (Hull) Adultwork None WARNING Known thief.
Bitten (Grimsby) Adultwork 1 Pos 1 Neu 0 Neg Mature escort. No 30 minute rate.
Candi Blows (Touring) Adultwork 3 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg Pornstar escort, tours, but mainly based in Hull.
Hollies Back (Hull) (AKA: Jodies Back, Sammy Lou) Adultwork 0 Pos 0 Neu 1 Neg Has a cum once policy.
Esme_Rose (Hull) Adultwork 1 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg
teacola-rose (Hull) Adultwork None Attractive escort. No OWO (listed), No DFK (Mis-advertised).
Wkdsexy (Hull) Adultwork 1 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg
xxxxxxxLUCYxxxxxxx (Scunthorpe) Adultwork 3 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg Porn star escort.

Leeds Escorts

Name Adultwork Link Comments
28megan Adultwork Only sees White men over 35 and under 65.
36e english milf Adultwork
angelwings84 Adultwork Also works in York. Only sees men that speak good English, Men over 27 and under 70. She is heavily tattooed, but her profile pictures are airbrushed to remove them.
BibiLeeds Adultwork Large breasted BBW escort. Sees men 21 and over.
bigtittyslut Adultwork WARNING Negatively reviewed, known for providing a poor service. Offers covered oral only despite advertising OWO. Previously: saucy slut luvz cock.
Bonny Blows Adultwork Popular escort.
Busty Maisie Moo (Rosetta Robinson) Adultwork Large breasted BBW.
carly-fox xx Adultwork Neutrally reviewed. Does not offer French Kissing, but advertises it.
Cassie Fox Adultwork BAREBACKER Lists bareback on her profile. Said to be unreliable.
Cathy The Famous One Adultwork Positively reviewed.
chantelle-sky xx Adultwork Mixed reviews. Does not offer French Kissing, but advertises it.
Francesca Bambi Adultwork Model and porn star escort, high priced.
Jade Leeds Adultwork Negatively reviewed, said to rush punters.
katy leeds Adultwork BAREBACKER Lists bareback on her profile. She doesn't see black men.
Kendra Sultry Adultwork Favourable reviews. She has lots of tattoos which are airbrushed out on her profile.
Kennedy!Xx (Cassidy Hot) Adultwork Also tours South Yorkshire, Bradford and Wakefield.
Levi Ashley (BritishLeedsLizzy) Adultwork Twin sister of Miss Emmy Leeds.
Lola in Leeds Adultwork High priced, but favourably reviewed.
LexxiRocks Adultwork Higher priced alternative-look escort.
Maria Gucci x Adultwork Reviews seem favourable. Previously based in Hull.
Miss Carmen Scotland (Serena North) Adultwork Her reliability has been questioned, often cancels bookings.
Miss Emmy Leeds (BritishLeedsMiss) Adultwork Twin sister of Levi Ashley.
Miss Kate Fox Adultwork Outcall only, high priced.
Sadie Best Adultwork Mature\GILF escort. Positively reviewed.
sarahjayneleeds Adultwork Positively reviewed.
SashaNaked Adultwork Her prices seem to change regularly and are often overpriced for the area. She is said to misadvertise OWO and DFK. Average or negative comments about her service.
sexybustytia Adultwork
Sexy Cleo (sexycleo) Adultwork
SexySciFiGirl Adultwork WARNING Negative attitude towards punters and generally offers a rude rushed service.
Sexy Paige Adultwork
SweetAsCandii Adultwork Very popular lady, but high priced. WARNING On Prostitute Blacklist after threatening to out a punter.
Tiffany For Fun (Tiff For Fun) Adultwork Positive reviews, but unreliable. She only sees British men and punters with Adultwork feedback.
xCheekyxChelseax Adultwork Positive reviews, glamour model looks. She doesn't see men under 30.
xCurvykate x Adultwork Positively reviewed.
xfirebirdx Adultwork She only sees men over 30.
xKendallx Adultwork Previously known as Tattooedruby. Airbrushes out tattoos in pictures. Only sees men that speak good English, Men over 30 and under 70.

North Yorkshire

Name Adultwork Link Comments
Adore Amy (Scarborough ) Adultwork Tours regularly.
Chloe of Yorkshire (York) Adultwork Favourable reviews. Offers anal for £20 extra.
Elizabeth91 (York) (Jessica of York) Adultwork WARNING On prostitute blacklist for violent behaviour and blackmailing threats. She is a known heroin addict.
LusciousLolaXxX (York) Adultwork
lynxofyork (York) Adultwork Ex-Pornstar escort.
Scarlett40GG (Touring) Adultwork Only sees men over 25 and white men only, no blacks or Asians. Busty BBW escort.
Sexy Posh Victoria (Skipton) Adultwork Might be unreliable.
Tiffany Of York (Touring) (Ruby of York\Chloe Bend'Ova) Adultwork WARNING On prostitute blacklist for violent behaviour and threats. She is known for providing a poor service and a bad attitude.
rude little girl x (York) Adultwork BAREBACKER Openly advertises bareback and has pictures of creampies. Possibly unreliable. Offers watersports.
Yorkshire~Lass (Ripon) Adultwork

Sheffield Escorts

Name Adultwork Link Comments
Amy Sheffield Adultwork Famous for lying about her age, knocking at least 10 years off. AKA: Amy Beautiful Blonde. Mixed reviews.
Anna Busty Brunette (annabustybrunette-1) Adultwork Only sees white men.
Aurora Adultwork Mature escort. Only sees men in their late-20s or older
bambiblacks Adultwork BAREBACKER Famous for offering bareback and creampie gangbangs. Porn star escort.
Brooke Ryder Adultwork BAREBACKER Offers bareback and creampie gangbangs.
bustyblondebecky (bustyabbytitmus) Adultwork BAREBACKER Used to openly offer bareback. Part of creampie cumsluts groups with videos of creampie gangbangs.
Foxyroxy92 Adultwork AKA: Honey at Athena Massage.
kaye kash Adultwork
kerry2014 Adultwork
KinkyKat95 Adultwork
Leanne Redz Adultwork
Libby Tamara Adultwork Overpriced for the area, but said to be good.
Lovely Lush Adultwork BAREBACKER Used to openly offer bareback.
Mia121 Adultwork Slim redhead parlour girl who occasionally does outcalls.
NaughtyAimyxxxx Adultwork Works at GFE Massage and KSG Manchester. Positive reviews. Her incall bookings have a lot of rules: men over 35 with good feedback, must have previously met.
Peachy Farah (xXx_PeachyFarrah_xXx) Adultwork Possibly doesn't offer OWO despite advertising it.
Sarah47 Adultwork Large breasted mature\GILF escort.
SexyCurvyLayla (SexyteenLayla) Adultwork
SheffieldBJQueen Adultwork Positively reviewed. She only sees White men.
Sweet sexy Amy Adultwork Only sees men over 21.
Suzie Rider Adultwork
sxy4jade Adultwork
tattianax Adultwork BAREBACKER Used to openly offer bareback. Porn star escort.
TEENREDHEAD Adultwork BAREBACKER Mainly a camgirl. She doesn't see men with no feedback. Unreliable. Previously: TEENSCHOOLYGIRL.
Uk-Sexy-Kat Adultwork She doesn't see men under 25. Mixed reviews.
Victoria Plumm Adultwork
X Izzy.Rose X Adultwork
YourNaughtySecretBab Adultwork

South Yorkshire Escorts

Covers Barnsley, Rotherham etc. Excludes Sheffield.

Name Adultwork Link Comments
Bella-Doncaster (Doncaster) Adultwork
Blondegirl 24 (Doncaster) Adultwork Mainly offers a wank only service. Negative reviews.
Brooke Leigh (Doncaster) Adultwork
Blowjob Babe (Barnsley) Adultwork WARNING Known for providing a poor service, bait and switch and being abusive.
Bunnydiamond (Doncaster) Adultwork Sometimes tours as well. No DFK (Mis-advertised), peck on the lips only.
Classynottrashy (Doncaster) Adultwork
Courtesan Annabel (Doncaster) Adultwork Only sees men over 35.
Doncaster Sarah (Doncaster) Adultwork Only sees men over 25. Mainly a tantric massage service.
Jenna-foxx (Chesterfield) (secretary_4_u) Adultwork WARNING Large numbers of negative and neutral reviews. She displays a negative attitude towards punters.
Melissa Cole (Doncaster) Adultwork
RACHAEL IN ROTHERHAM (Rotherham) Adultwork WARNING Known for providing a poor service, charging unadvertised extras and frequent name changes.
Sadie May (Barnsley) Adultwork Also works in Rotherham. Pictures might be fake.
ScarletRose (Doncaster) Adultwork
Stefanny69 (Doncaster) Adultwork Mature escort, mainly positive reviews.
Suzie Best (Barnsley) Adultwork Model and Porn Star escort. Very expensive for the area.
Tally X (Charlotte Rose, Natalie)(Tours, but mainly Sheffield) Adultwork WARNING Known scammer and thief on prostitute blacklist. Only sees men aged over 30.
Tanya Lixx (Rotherham) Adultwork Porn Star escort. Expensive for the area.
yorkshiresowncumslut (Doncaster) Adultwork Mature escort.
xBelle of Doncasterx (Doncaster) Adultwork BAREBACKER Offers Bareback and is a possible drug addict. Previously known as: BJ Babe ybls.
Xxxtastytaraxxx (Rotherham) Adultwork

West Yorkshire Escorts

Covers Huddersfield, Pontefract, Wakefield etc. Leeds is listed separately.

Name Adultwork Link Rating Comments
44L Titsbbw (Pontefract) Adultwork 0 Pos 0 Neu 1 Neg Huge natural breasts BBW, but negative reviews and comments criticising hygiene and messy flat.
Busty Vixen (Wakefield) Adultwork 0 Pos 0 Neu 1 Neg Works around the Kirklees area.
CelesteBBW (Castleford) Adultwork None Large breasted mature escort. Offers a good services and specialises. She only sees men over 21.
Carla-36GG (Dewsbury) Adultwork 1 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg WARNING On Prostitute Blacklist for benefits fraud.
Chic Cleo (Bradford) Adultwork 2 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg
classykelsey (Touring) Adultwork 0 Pos 0 Neu 1 Neg Works mainly from Bradford. She is said to be unreliable. Lies about her age knocking around 5 or more years off.
...emma of bradford Adultwork 0 Pos 0 Neu 1 Neg
Ems x (Huddersfield) Adultwork None
India Rose (Huddersfield) Adultwork 2 Pos 0 Neu 0 Neg
Kerry (Bradford) Adultwork
Kristina J Adultwork Based in Huddersfield, but tours a lot. Tall mature escort, popular.
Lexi Ryder (Bradford) Adultwork Well known porn star. She tours a lot, but seems to be based in Bradford.
Misty Mercedes (Touring) Adultwork
P (Wakefield) Adultwork Favourably reviewed. Mature squirting escort.
Sensual^Anna (Wakefield) Adultwork Only sees White British men over 25 and under 55.
Sexylicious4U (Huddersfield) Adultwork
Sexy Sky Eyes (Touring) Adultwork Tours most of Yorkshire and beyond. Pictures are heavily airbrushed to remove tattoos.
Siberian Fox (Ilkley) Adultwork Mature Russian escort. She doesn't see men under 25 years old.
Sweet-Melody (Touring) Adultwork Based in Bradford and Leeds areas.
Sweet^sexy^sasha (Huddersfield) Adultwork 6 Pos 1 Neu 0 Neg used to be Tasha Lovely
The Real Sophie James (Harrogate) Adultwork Possibly unreliable. High priced.
TiffanyMorriss (Huddersfield) Adultwork MILF Porn Star escort.
Myaa_xxx (Huddersfield) Adultwork
XXX CHARLOTTE XXX (Wakefield) Adultwork Works from Castleford, in Wakefield. Mainly negative reviews, but fair prices.
xxpeachyx (Wakefield) Adultwork
YWBD (Wakefield) Adultwork She doesn't see men under 30 or non-white men.

Retired Escorts or Removed Profiles

Name Adultwork Link Comments
Anna \ Mistress Raven (Sheffield) Removed Adultwork profile and her profile on parlour websites removed around Autumn 2015.
Bond Girl (Leeds) Adultwork Mature Russian escort. As of early 2016 her profile is set to distribute erotic content (pictures and movies only), no escorting.
CutieCara (Cara May, LittleMissCx) Adultwork Web Cam only as of Summer 2015.
CurvyBeth72 (Harrogate) Adultwork Profile removed.
Daisy May Sheff (Sheffield) Removed Removed in early 2016, may return. July\August 2015.
Horny Laura xxx Removed, may return. BAREBACKER Offered bareback to regulars. Mixed reviews.
Mia-xx (Previously Sheffield) Removed Advertised as being retired June/July 2015.
Rebecca79 (Rotherham) Removed May return at some point.
RAVENRAW (Sheffield) Removed Possibly retired to do porn full time as of June/July 2015.
Sarah Maclean (Touring) Removed Romanian escort. Toured most of the UK. She was said to provide a poor service and advertised bareback.
Sensual Amy (Leeds) Removed Returned to Poland.
sheffbbw38 (Previously Sheffield) Removed Profile removed in May 2015.
ShellieC (Bradford) Removed Big breasted mature blonde.
Sindy Strutt (Barnsley) Adultwork BBW Porn Star, seems to be Webcam only as of 2016.
SugaBsheffield (Sheffield) Removed Seems to be removed at present - June 2015.
SweetGabix (Previously Leeds) Removed Returned to Poland around April 2015
x dirtymilfrose x (Lozabell) (Previously Sheffield) Removed Profiles disappeared around July 2015.