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Romanian Girls in London

Many Romanians are shit service providers and many punters resorted to avoiding them altogether. However this is unfair to the ones who are good and, yes, there exist a few good Romanian escorts on Adultwork. Below is a list with decent Romanian WGs:

General Observations about Romanians escorts

  1. Statistically the good ones are about 20% but only ~25% of them (i.e. 5% of the total) are French Kissing properly or DFK. The other 15% referred to as good are OK overall (sex, oral, attitude, etc) minus FK but without FK it is difficult to create passion/GFE etc so most often it is just functional but given the cost & looks it is just acceptable. The 80% referred to as bad are bad because of one or more of the following reasons: their attitude is shit as if they are doing punters a favour; they have cum once policies and rush you to cum after little penetration or stop giving you oral after little sucking; sex is extremely perfunctory, distant and boring; they try to charge hidden extras for anything other than covered BJ and sex; they use severe timewasting tactics; they work from shitholes.
  2. You have much higher probability finding a good Romanian working for type A agencies (see definition of type A here) rather than from Adultwork (where most often they are working for pimps in brothels). Some of them work in parallel as indies. The good AW Romanians are indies but there are not many. Of course many ‘created by Sergei' profiles advertise as independents but here we are talking about true independents.
  3. The 5% that FK/DFK are usually girls who had been in UK for at least a period of 6 months.
  4. There are groups that should be avoided altogether. For example in London the Romanians in the brothels in Edmonton Green, Kings Cross, the group operating from SW5/Stepney green/HA9, etc-They are all skanks. It is wishful thinking to hope finding a good one amongst them.
  5. In London Romanians tend to have honest profiles regarding pics and stats BUT very dishonest profiles about services - promising the world but offering the very basics (not to mention the ticking of all ‘enjoys’ by the pimps who shoot themselves in the leg when forgetting to un-tick bareback). Photos are usually genuine-especially those who have a verification picture (even hidden) as they get *a lot* of beating from AW. However there is a lot of profile switching/swapping – still most of the time the currently displayed pics ARE genuine (i.e. the girl is indeed around) although sometimes they may be total bait and switch. What happens though most of the time is that in Romanian brothels and shared flats booking a girl is a formality. You may have called/booked in advance, etc-if the girl gets an immediate booking from someone else she will ignore you and you will get switched to one of her flatmates when you arrive at the premises.
  6. Many Private gallery scams are set up by Romanian Sergei's.
  7. Often tour different cities regularly or are only in the UK for short stints; usually four months at a time before going back to Romania. However, some do stay a lot longer.
  8. Some Romanian girls advertise as Latin, Spanish or Italian. Punters and Adultwork are getting wise to this now. The reason for "disguising" their nationality is largely due to negative perceptions of Romanian escorts providing a poor service and in a wider context, gypsy associations.
  9. Most Romanian Escorts working in the UK are of Roma (Romani) Gypsy origin. Their heritage largely originates from India (and its subcontinents) and Turkey. They often have dark eyes, hair and dark skin - looks-wise they could be mistaken for being Indian, Middle-Eastern or even Hispanic. White Romanian girls are often mistaken for being Slavic or Greek. They are typically fair-skinned or lightly tanned and often have blonde or brown hair. They often have blue or green eyes, although brown is common as well. Romani people will very rarely have natural blue eyes or blonde hair.

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