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Basic precautions to preserve your anonymity and avoid getting outed or getting busted

  1. Don’t give a WG your real details, have a learned false name and job etc. Prostitutes don't use their real name so why are you using yours? If you want to give your true first name give it but never ever give your real surname and other very specific details. Not even to a regular. There are a lot of nutters out there: you may get blackmailed for money, get threatened with outing in case you post a negative review, etc.
  2. Use a punting phone or sim, don’t be tempted to use your own or business phone just in case. You can buy a sim from Tesco, ASDA etc for just 99p and top it up for £10. Various threads on UKP analysing this topic extensively e.g. this one. Note that for most of these PAYG SIMs the credit does not expire but if the number is unused for a certain period you lose the number (together with the credit). The maximum such period is 180 days and for some companies such as Vodafone and O2 the limit is 90days. Keep this in mind if you have a bunch of punting SIMs (and possibly a bunch of punting phones). Or get Hushed or similar for a new number.
  3. Prepaid debit/credit cards. Most pre-paid cards require to be sent to you by mail so not so untraceable. That said there are a few cards that you can buy from and top-up at selected stores. There is also the Virtual UKash prepaid card which you can also top up subsequently with UKash. You can buy UKash vouchers from selected stores. To buy, register and top up the prepaid card you can use a Tor Project browser. Register the card under a false name and false address. You can then make online payments such as registering and topping up a punting phone, booking hotels, etc. Remember you need to use the false name and address that you registered in order to complete such payments. Each time you use the card better to do so via Tor or VPN to preserve intractability.
  4. Create a dedicated punting email address and make sure it does not contain your real name. Only use this address for punting, NOTHING ELSE.
  5. Do not let your online persona/nickname be known, never talk about posting a review, what forums you post on, what your name is on the forums, nothing; do not ever mix online/offline. If shit ever goes down for any reason it’s another method of contact that can be used to screw you over.
  6. Make sure your AdultWork or other escort directory username is not the same username you have used for other punting sites and forums. For example: working girl writes that same user name into Google which might happen to be John_4954834 and comes up with all your other profiles which might reveal small details about you. When they visit enough sites they will be able to build a profile of where and who you are. You can be sneaky with this and use someone else's username from another site so if they do search it leads them to someone else.... same tips go for your punting number too.
  7. Tell no one you punt, you might think you can trust a family member or friend but you could fall out later and they could put you in the shit. Loose lips, sink ships. Treat punting like being in the Magical Circle: you don't reveal the tricks to outsiders…
  8. Don't shit on your own doorstep, it's not worth the risk. Do not do outcalls at home. And do not punt very near to your home. Many punters do, but it’s risky behaviour. In any case if you inexplicably bump into or are seen by someone you know have a plausible explanation as to why you are in a certain place / area or you have been seen with a girl at x time at y location.
  9. Be yourself on the day and act totally natural. If you have time prior to the session (e.g. waiting for a call/text to say "it's time to come up") go for a walk round the block. Standing outside the apartment building clutching your phone with a nervous look on your face is not the way to look inconspicuous.
  10. Be aware that for incalls some escorts and many parlours have CCTV.
  11. Inside the building (hotel, block of flats, etc) if you are trying to sneak in, or have a low profile, you'll look sneaky. Walk in with confidence, hold doors open for people, stand in the middle of the lift etc. If anyone asks (and being in UK and especially England, no-one would) give them a look, and say you are visiting. Which you are…
  12. When finished and leaving make sure you have done up your flies, and leave the building quietly. There is nothing worse than going down the stairs with your flies undone, and the escort's neighbour coming past you.
  13. Delete your Internet history, cookies etc. On a PC you are advised to install and run ccleaner. If you plan on storing escort's pictures; it's best to keep them on a USB pen drive as hidden files and use password protection.
  14. If finding the opportunity to punt is difficult because of ‘her indoors’ look at starting a hobby that she will find believable. Golf has served many well over the years. Even if it’s raining or a bit snowy the driving range might be open. A few punters use the going to the gym as their cover, obviously some can use their work. Never get complacent that you won’t be caught out by ‘her indoors’, treat every punt as a top priority not to get caught out.
  15. Make sure you're not logged in to Google maps. It records everywhere you've been. You can disable it here If carrying an iPhone, turn off ‘Find iPhone’ or turn the phone off completely. If someone has your Apple password they can see exactly where you are. Delete sat nav history especially on an iPhone.
  16. Try not to go straight home if you have a partner, have a bite to eat or just chill for a while, collect your thoughts and double check there is no smell of perfume or lipstick on you or your clothes. If an escort smokes, is your partner a non-smoker? Because if she is she might smell the smoke, even if an escort doesn’t smoke while you are punting with her the smell of smoke could get on your clothes, check for this as well and have a reason ready if necessary, perhaps you gave a work colleague who is a smoker a lift home and that’s how the smell got on your clothes. Or a guy smoking bumped into you and that’s how it must have gotten onto you. If you drive put a deodorant in your car which your partner is aware of, it’s to keep the car smelling nice is your cover, it can also be used by you after a punt. If offered take the opportunity, to freshen up at the end of the punt if it’s obvious no more sex is going to happen in the booking. Or find a sink on your journey if you're heading back to civvie life. Otherwise stock up on breath mints / deodorant / baby wipes / satsumas. And don't forget to clean your mouth after a punt to remove lipstick or the taste of "girl juice" if you performed RO.
  17. Drive to the punt legally and park legally - last thing you want is a speeding notice or parking ticket coming in the post. Bring change for the parking meter. In some areas of England it's pay by phone parking using a card only nowadays, in some there is also a machine if its working that you can use a card to pay with, but that of course leaves a trace.
  18. Perhaps it’s better to always use public transport when possible: train, bus, tube or taxi that way there is no chance of a trail. Using your car leaves you open to many things, prangs, parking tickets, congestion charges, car thefts, all situations that could be difficult to explain. Note though that Oyster card for public transport does leaves a trail. So if using an Oyster card (one attached to an online account, rather than the pay-as-you-go variant) make sure you keep your account details private and well-hidden. Alternatively use cash to buy tickets (e.g. a day travel card) so that there's little or no transaction history. Before returning home take the time to dispose of any tickets/stubs/receipts so that they're not mixed in with your own domestic trash.
  19. In UK street prostitution and curb crawling is illegal. Don’t indulge in seeking street prostitutes – the police will come after you from CCTV footage. Also the quality of street prostitutes in UK is very low having degraded to mainly junkies, alcoholics and crack-heads.
  20. About shared flats and brothels. If two or more girls operate from the same premises then it is classed as a brothel even if they are not working for a boss. It’s still a brothel if only one WG works from a premises but another WG works from the same premises at any other time, like on a different day of the week for example. A brothel is illegal in UK so it could be raided at any time the police choose to do so. But remember: With the current laws for a punter it’s NOT illegal to punt in a brothel unless it’s proved that a WG or WGs were underage or being coerced/forced in which case you could get done. Also the police tends to turn the blind eye if it is just 2-3 independent girls sharing a flat. When the police do raid a brothel it’s usually either because neighbours have complained, the police want to nick a pimp and/or attempt to seize the pimp’s assets under POCA. So, yes, punting in a brothel it’s more risky than punting with an Independent WG who works solely alone at all times as she isn’t breaking the law but the risk is small nonetheless.

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Basic Safety Precautions

  1. Leave your wallet at home after taking out enough for the punt, don't go punting with a wallet full of cash and cards and generally don't take your valuables with you at all. For people however who find doing so impractical (e.g. because they punt after work) are advised when taking a shower in a WGs premises to not let their valuables out of their sight. Take them with you into the bathroom - whether that's before or after the intercourse.
  2. Make sure you have everything (phone, keys, other possessions) still with you after the session BEFORE you leave the flat of the WG.
  3. If you're not sure about the punt/locations safety then leave your driving licence or any identity at home. If anything goes wrong they get nothing even if they search your pockets whilst you’re showering. Never be afraid to walk if you don't feel safe.
  4. If you drive to a punt park away from a WGs premises so she doesn’t see your vehicle, it could be the case that her pimp looks to rob cars while the punter is punting. When a WG says go to a set spot to park always be suspicious and don’t do so and make clear you will find your own parking, if that’s a big problem to the WG bad luck. Rather leave it and go elsewhere if it came to do. That said most escorts aren’t bothered where you park.
  5. When approaching the location look out for mysterious figures in cars or standing around looking suspicious. If your instincts are telling you something just get out of there. When using Google maps try to avoid any dark alley areas.
  6. Check out the area via Google or Bing maps (street view) first and note down any possible escape points if you hit any danger and need to get out of the area quickly. On top of this when doing the phone call to say you have reached the location never give her your real location but be in an area where you can see it incase a mugger goes over there and you can do a negative report.

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Punting and Social Media

The best advice regarding social media such as Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. is... Don’t do it!

Social media is one of the principal methods where personal information can be gathered. People who participate in online social networking sites unwittingly leave a trail of personal information that can make it easy for other people not only gather personal information about them but in some cases about their family and work colleagues.

However if you think it’s helpful for you to follow prostitutes in social media or to chat with fellow punters, do follow this security precautions:

  1. Do not use social media on your personal smartphone. Buy yourself a cheap punting smartphone, a punting SIM card and keep it registered with fake profiles on Facebook, twitter, etc. and use a punting email address. Do not use you work or personal email ever!
  2. Beware of TMI: Too Much Information. People make the mistake of sharing too much information online with others, it’s easy to talk about yourself when you are in a good mood or had a few drinks and feel “safe” talking to your new online friend(s). Never share information that could be used to identify you; such as your job, place of work, where you were born, where you live, if you have a tattoo/birthmark/mole, etc.
    Of course any identifying features such as moles, tattoos, etc. will be known to a prostitute who you visited. It will not be known to malicious punters (see Asianbeast thread on UKP).
  3. Customize privacy options - Social networking sites give users control over their own privacy settings. Don’t assume you have to take whatever default settings the site gives you. Check out the settings, configuration and privacy sections to see what options you have to limit who and what groups can see various aspects of your personal information. If you’ve just joined a social networking site, or even if you have been a user for some time, log onto your account and view and adjust the privacy settings.
    Remember that if you link your mobile number to Facebook your profile will show up in other people’s Facebook as a “contact you may know” if they have your phone number in their contacts list.
    Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. can link your number if you access them on your smartphone. So you can assume that many other ‘social media’ programs will use the same trick to link you to Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. This can happen irrespective of your security settings. So once again when using social media stick to your fake punting persona and never disclose personal information.
    Never post or use your real photo in Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. or use it as an avatar, etc.
  4. LinkedIn - If you are listed on LinkedIn never log onto your account using your punting phone. Never mention that you are on LinkedIn to any prostitute or punter. Keep your LinkedIn profile to a minimum.
  5. Don't just trust anything someone tells you - verify it! There are many reasons why someone might falsify an identity online. This very document is encouraging you to assume a false identity as a punter. But the problem lies when people assume fake identities for more nefarious motives, such us disgruntled or psychotic punters or prostitutes on a revenge spree. (See TightYoungEbony thread on UKP)
    The question becomes, how can you verify that the website, twitter or facebook page belongs to who you think it does before sharing too much information or clicking on links? Start by being on the lookout for anything unusual or out of the ordinary. If the content on the site doesn't look like or sound like the person you know, avoid it. If you are still curious go to UKP and start a thread asking for more information.
  6. Avoid accidentally sharing personal details or punting bookings - No one in his right mind would put a note on their front door stating, “Gone away on holiday will be returning in two weeks.” Yet, people seem to think it’s OK to do that on twitter or Facebook or sites like that. Similarly, never post online when you have booked a prostitute and what time you are going to see her. Be aware of what information you put out there which others might use for nefarious purposes.
  7. Search yourself - It is a good idea to search yourself on Google and check out your profile as others see it on social networking sites. Understand where you show up and what information is available about you, and then adjust your profile, settings and habits appropriately.

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Pre-punt preparation tips

  1. Before it's too late get checked out regularly, anonymously for free, at your local NHS GUM clinic.
  2. Take a shower and shower well. Soap up your nether regions well, you'll not get a good blowjob if you smell of shit (and you will, if you don't wash properly). But don't feel like you have to spend 15 minutes in there to impress her.
  3. Cut your finger nails and file them if you expect to do any fingering.
  4. Escorts don't expect and don't require you to be trimmed/shaved down there. But some punters think it encourages better OWO, so why not? But if you do want to groom your nether regions then shave/trim cock and balls at least 48hrs before the punt. Also do so BEFORE you book the escort so that you don't have to cancel if you accidentally get cut.
  5. Unless planning to give watersports, factor in a toilet break on a long hot journey where you need to drink a lot of water, so you don't have to waste time relieving yourself during the booking. Also take some wet wipes along. If you need to take a piss or have a shit en route, you can use the wipes to freshen up your arse and your bell end. You never know - she might want to give you some of that good gobblin' before you take a shower (if indeed you intend to take one).
  6. Don't go for a dump in an escorts - apparently, they don't like this!
  7. Have a small bottle of mouth wash to use both pre and post punt. Good oral hygiene is essential.
  8. Stay off the porn and don't wank too much before a punt.
  9. Your punts will be more enjoyable if you improve your own silhouette and fitness.
  10. If you are taking Cialis, 2-3 hours beforehand and for Viagra 1 hour in advance of the action
  11. Use google maps street view to look at the location and street before you go. Preferably ask for the street name, address, postcode etc instead of e.g. nearest tube station. In any case, you can see if the area is good or run down and find areas to park (find area you don’t need to pay for) but also use Parkopedia to check prices and perhaps register with the council phone parking before you get there to save time also obviously take spare change & a credit/debit card with you.

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Tips for outcalls

  1. Many people are looking for ‘escort-friendly’ hotels meaning those not requiring a card to access the lifts or the concierges won't question and therefore the WG can sneak in and knock your door. That is fine when you can find such hotels but if you can't look instead for big hotels (i.e. hotels with a large lobby and that have a large number of rooms and are busy) and preferably away from where you live or work. You may then pick the girl up from the lifts, in the lobby, the bar, outside the hotel, etc. No one will notice as long as you and the girl act naturally. The four budget hotels chains in UK are not particularly ‘escort friendly’ as they need a card to access the lifts but are extremely ‘pocket friendly’ especially on Fridays and Sundays- if booked in advance they cost only £30-£50 per night. The choice is yours if you want to pick up the girl from the lobby or you want her straight in your room.
  2. Book the hotel using an anonymous pre-paid card under a false name.

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Escort selection process tips

  1. Decide what type of escort you want to visit. independent escorts, escort agencies, walk-ups, and walk-in 'parlours (or 'saunas' as they're called in Scotland).
  2. You can find independent escorts through, but Adultwork.com is the most dominant escort advertising place in UK. See also these Directories. AW is extensively covered in this guide. Adultwork has its flaws but in UK it is ahead of other sites. Generally outside Adultwork an indpendent girl with her own website has more chances to be genuine. Most of the genuine girls adverting outside Adultwork are also on Adultwork and likely at a lower rate. They are also more committed to their AW profiles logging in every day to display their availability. Profiles elsewhere are often abandoned.
  3. A detailed explanation about London Agencies is given in London Agencies. The downside to agencies is that you will have to pay more because you also pay a large agency fee which is rolled into the price (typically 30%-40% of the first hour fee).
  4. For London walk-ups read here
  5. For pornstars advertising on Adultwork you can read UK Pornstars on AdultWork
  6. Avoid girls who advertise bareback (unprotected vaginal and/or anal sex). Don't play Russian roulette with your life.
  7. Spend time doing your research. Google the girl’s stage, google her contact phone number, google her email and google her website url. Look up anywhere you can find any information – don't forget she may have been working under a different name and if you find it you can find out what to really expect. Plus if you're really thorough you can find things like face pics or videos (in case they don't show their face on their profles).
  8. For girls advertising on Adultwork always check UKPunting for comments. To do this cut and paste her unique AW ID (7 digit code) into UK Punting's search box as explained here. Doing so flags-up all UKP comments and reviews about that particular prossie. You can get this 7-digit number at the bottom of the profile page, where it says "Link to this Profile Page using", it's the number after the "www.adultwork.com" link. Or you can get it from the page URL itself in your browser bar - it's the number after "UserID=". Girls advertising on Adultwork also have reviews and feedback on Adultwork as well - read them but beware that in most cases they are not reliable – especially because many punters are afraid to give negative feedback in aces they get negative feedback themselves. There is a way to read between the lines though and detect the hints.
  9. Minimise chances of getting bait and switched. Escorts who use fake photos will never tell you that it is not really them. They will assure you "that is 100% me!" but when you arrive, the only thing that is the same is her hair color. Many girls using fake pics will blur out their face but many beautiful escorts using real photos will blur their face as well for privacy reasons. If there are no reviews or feedback about the girl by other reliable punters confirming the authenticity then perform a Google Reverse Image Search – GRIS (details how to use it here) and/or Tineye on the pictures. If you do get hits it doesn't necessarily mean the photos are fake, but it's not a good sign if you see her on a professional modelling website, playboy or anything not related to adult escort services of the same country and location. In the case you get google hits check things like whether in the hits (i)the image resolution is higher (whilst in the profile pics is low), (ii)whether the face is unblurred (whilst that of the investigating profile is blurred), (iii)whether the pictures are cropped in the place of watermarks, (iv)check the number of pictures (e.g. if the girl in the pics on the investigating profile has only 2 pictures but on the hits you can find the same girl in many more poses, etc). Then you can see who stole from whom. Also note that in London ‘type A’ and ‘type B’ agencies (as that defined here) always use genuine pictures albeit photoshopped. So if you see the same pics are used for independent girls on Adultwork or other directories most chances are the pics are stolen from the agencies. In any case do check the things listed above in case the genuine girl is indeed working in parallel as independent. Last but not least if you do spot a profile that you have reason to believe it is fake please post it on UKP. For Adultwork fake profiles please report them here together with the supporting evidence.
  10. Be wary of escorts who don't talk on the phone - you could be exchanging saucy texts and confirming services with her pimp/’receptionist’ who will say yes to anything only to be refused by the girl when you meet her.
  11. Choose the girl based on your own criteria of looks and services. Services are abbreviated and reviews also use an acronym language as well. Here you can read the glossary.

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Tips for just before or during the start of the meeting:

  1. Don’t be late - If you're late there's good chance that the appointment will be cancelled or time to be deducted from your time. So always leave home early. Check the traffic online if you can and confirm the appointment before making the journey. Preferably arrive on site 10mins earlier than the agreed time to locate the building, etc, call 5mins before to say you arrived to get the flat number. Check there is signal on your phone, as you can end up getting the text message late. If you get there too early you can just wait somewhere nearby like a café or text the girl and she may see you earlier than planned.
  2. If the girl who opens the door is different and inferior to the one in the pictures leave. If your cock says wow but your head says bow, get the fuck out of dodge or you will end up making a post punt walk of shame back to your car or tube followed by (at least) an evening of self-loathing.
  3. Always confirm all services you require before handing over the money. So you don't have to demand it back from her when she starts refusing services that were listed on her profile etc.
  4. Go with your gut feeling... if it feels wrong walk or back out or cancel. Don’t be shy in walking. There's nothing worse in going through with a punt if you don't like the girl, her manner or have changed your mind. This is meant to be enjoyable. If you have taken all the precautions 1-4 listed in section A then you can walk without feeling threaten for revenge
  5. Have a plan B, or many plan B's so that you know where to go in case you decide to walk. Plan B can be to go home and wank.
  6. Always bring the correct amount of money. Escorts don't give change.
  7. Never ever tell an escort to raise her prices even if she is super-hot and you feel she could charge more based on competition.
  8. Never attempt to haggle the fee just before handing over the money. If you want to negotiate rates do so BEFORE agreeing the meeting over the phone or by email. Never on site. Generally avoid price negotiation of any form - especially for meetings of duration 1hr or shorter.
  9. Always be polite. No girl wants a rude, tit grabbing cave man. She'll give you a much better service if you're nice.
  10. If you're offered a shower take it. Even if you have come directly from your own shower. However always check the towels before taking a shower as chances are that half a dozen punters have already flossed their cracks with it that day. If that’s the case point it out to the WG and refuse to shower if you are already showered.

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"During the punt" tips (i.e. once money has exchanged hands)

  1. Once you hand over the money the girl will most likely leave the room briefly, it could be to simply stash it away or it could be to hand it over to her pimp, either way unless you feel that you are big enough and hard enough to take on pimps then you are not really in a position to DEMAND anything … a polite request may be the better option.
  2. Be assertive – neither passive nor demanding/rude/aggressive. Many escorts want to get away with with the minimum effort so if you‘re passive, you'll never get what you really want or the maximum you could possibly get. If you're aggressive on the other hand, you'll look like a big bully and an arsehole and pick up a fight with the WG. There's a very fine line between being rude and being assertive. Being assertive means you take control of the punt while respecting the WG, you instruct/guide (but not command with arrogance) the girl to do something you want (e.g. get in a certain position), you show your dissatisfaction when something expected is refused but you don’t push for it - instead make her to compensate by doing something else within her limits. So it turns out she doesn't offer DFK after all? Never mind - find something else good about her. Maybe she has a massive set of jugs that will look really good decorated by a parabola of your man-jizz. Remember once you've committed to a punt - i.e. handed the money over then your chance to walk has passed and now you must make the most of it whatever happens.
  3. Be the clock-watcher on your punt. Wear a cheap watch and keep track of time so that you can aim to get everything out of the punt that you imagined you would and that you don't leave disappointed.
  4. Some girls count the number of condoms used having a maximum allowance. Always carry a SEALED package of 3 or 6 condoms with you (preferably Durex extra safe as they are WGs’ favourite type) so in case they pull out the ‘that’s the last condom I have’ trick, present the package and give it to THEM to unseal it.
  5. Don't accept the offer of bareback, regardless of how many times the prostitute regular of yours says how 'special' you are.
  6. Massage is a time wasting tactic used by prostitutes. Unless you really do want to have a massage then decline the offer by suggesting another activity that you really want.

Post punt tips (just after you finish)

  1. If you've had a shit punt try to do something immediately afterwards to cheer yourself up. If it's shit then find something to do in that particular area you are like checking out what delicacies are on offer in the local kebab shops :)
  2. If your planned punt falls through, don't make the same mistake to just finding anything with a pulse to fuck as your last resort there and then. Unless you have prepared a plan B, save your money for another day / another punt. Even if you've taken a Viagra or similar in preparation for your punt - pills are a couple of quid. You could waste a lot more money than that by booking a random girl just to satisfy your punting urge. See: Prostitute Excuses

Managing Finances

  1. A trap that some relatively new punters with big disposable income or savings usually fall into at some point later in their punting careers is to contemplate a permanent retirement or very long break and spend big (very big) on a “grand-finale”. This retirement never truly happens though and these grand finales are nothing but a mouse running on a wheel having in front of it a finishing line tape raising its hands emphatically screaming “finished” and confetti thrown at it from above.
  2. The way round this trap is to set a maximum monthly budget that you NEVER EVER EVER EVER surpass no matter what. A substantial budget if you like but a limited budget nonetheless. And remember this is the absolute maximum budget - you don't have to spend it every month and actually you shouldn't. Even after having short or long breaks from punting where the budget could very easily be larger as you saved up during the break, accepting and applying this you run the risk to subconsciously accept and later apply the reverse logic: i.e. counting on future savings from no punting which should never be taken for granted and is a very dangerous mind-set to have.

Buying Adult Content Online

Consider getting a secure PAYG payment card. See here Buying Adult Content Online.

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